Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rise off Women!

Now that it is fairly known there are more girls than boys in our schools, i get nervous about my improved opportunities in near future. In my last post i have boldly stated that world would be more peaceful some decades later. Will it be?
                                  In general, women population outnumber men in most of the European and American countries and most of these countries are comparatively peaceful. Before long, we would be seeing more women than men even in our country. Count our HIV infection! We are at 173:173, and evenly distributed although UNAIDS alleges more than 500 plus victims in Bhutan. Choden had looked at those figures with utter disbelief and wondered at such sickening trend. Given our casual attitude to casual sex(read Aum Dorji Dhratyul of "ESCAPADE" fame), the trend would simply improve for quite a long time.
          Few days back, i was trying to read about the general population trends but it left me more confused with different anthropologists and demographers making 100s of varied claims. However, there is inescapable coherence in general trend : the female species is on rise! And i get a sinking feeling that world would be better place. He he.
We have nearly 1.02:1 male/female ratio at home. Even our orthodox big brother(India) has 940 females per 1000 males. India ought to have outdone that ratio way back if only there were lesser female foeticide(according to that all-knowing nobel laureate Amartya Sen).
With TFR(total fertility rate) at 2.13 per woman, Bhutan stands at a loosing end of controlling its population. On the other hand, Singaporeans are low-performer on beds since their TFR stands at 0.78, one of the lowest in the world, thanks due to Mr. Khaw BoonWan, who spelt Bhutan being un-shangrila!
                              Statistics and interpretations are not my interest. Simply put, i am more interested at women population. At off side of 30, little is left in me to boast about male macho but truth be told, it still brings smile on my face when i think about increasing number of girls in my country.
However, Bhutan is still not receptive to feminism. Rejection of DCT by the general electorate was politically in-correct indications. My own theory at home is, settle every dues and chaos first and go off to vacation leaving the rein to Choden.
At a similar level, we can not leave our world in chaos and groom female leaders to straighten it. It is a far cry from being real. Why is it? Is it that difficult not to trust females for their leadership?
 My point is, sexism is still prevalent everywhere around us. It is high time we shed our stereotypes and offer the opportunity to our opposite counterparts. In the world of Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Sonia Gandhi,Rosie and Lily, world doesn't look as blur as we inherit from our genes!
Infact, it would be better to work under a genteel Principal than an arrogant, self-centered one.


  1. Nice and witty and enlightening.

    Where were you for the last many months?

    Anyway, Dorji Dradul the author is a man, not aum!

  2. Dear sir,
    I have nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Please check my post.

  3. Sonam,

    How are you and the family? Interesting post! I think that you and Choden should have more girls hehe. I'm sure Dawa would like some more sisters LOL.

    Tell Dawa I said Hi from California.

    Take care and best wishes always