Saturday, March 30, 2013

My New School.

So we bid adieu from Chumey without much ado. Choden had wanted to prolong her stay there unaware that the theory of impermanence would not let that happen. Her mission calls her to south and she should embrace it and shine before old age catches her up.Seriously, most of the Bhutanese intense moments of love, hatred, celebrations, promotions usually end with tears.I pretended to shed few tears at the Farewell party that my old school arranged for me lest they mistake me for being too unorthodox.
Tears, idle tears!(Tennyson's?).
Few of my friends called me to check how i  was doing in my new school. I am happier now, i lied to them. Honestly!
Infact, i regularly get to go to India during weekends, i told them and that bolstered my first claim. Well, there is nothing much to boast about this cheap Indian slum that we famously call it Dhadgari. Most of the people are Boro tribe to whom sanitation seldom count. Few of the others are crooks that have put up ramshackle shops along the porous borders and nothing is cheap despite its cheapness!
And the Bhutanese comrades from Gelephu, of Hatisar fame(Old name) would throng there during Thursdays since it is their Bazaar day draining all the money to India yet again. Now talking of Hatisar, ironically only few elephants can be seen these days. Ofcourse, the mosquitoes have braved all the recent human activities to preserve its progeny and its vibrant culture. For these reasons none of the British Indians took any routes via Hatisar in the olden days since these places were unusually infested with mosquitoes, elephants and other wild animals and the rainfall played havoc to the missionaries. Not even J.C. Claude who    comparatively enjoyed good relations with Bhutanese rulers and knighted our first king with the K.C.I.E medal. Before their mission of probably clipping Tibet and Bhutan under their wings, they were driven back by the Indians.
 Come monsoon, i would be have to risk my life and cross the Maukhola basin in a boat. I would call up my friends at Bumthang and convey them the message that i am having good times travelling in a Ship!:)

Talking of my new school, the name takes one to the dreamy heights of boasting itself: Norbuling MSS. I was finally given the responsibility to look after the affairs of class IV A this year. Actually i had wanted to get Class I B so that it would make me easier to chat with my Sharchop colleague about my
class-teachership and re-create the old joke that sorrounded with class of I B. He he.
We have an elderly Principal who is silent and minds his own business. I could talk him only twice as of now.
I have concluded in my own opinion that this is one School that cares much not to lose its claim of being in Top Ten High Schools in Bhutan. I wonder how can any school bag such meritorious position at the first instance.
But compared to Chumey MSS, academically, students are better here. My story doesn't end here but for now, i would like to conclude.