Monday, October 31, 2011

The Busy Week..notes from Teachers' Forum

The past week was a busy week. I wanted to update with pictures in my blog but my pea-sized brain never could handle the instructions that popped up regularly when i tried to update the photos. So here i am like a cliche'd bride trying to impress beyond my vanity!
I was in one of the groups that braved the dropping thermometer and went around each Nepali house playing "Deushi-ray".Having had my ...childhood in Sarpang(It was called Sarbhang-Tar that time), Gaylegphug(old names) and Norbuling, the nostalgia in me was overwhelming. Often we would be shooed away when we played Dueshiray in some unknown households that were palgued by deaths before or some elders who delibrately closed their doors that dispelled our passions during such festivals. Gone are those days. So in Chumey, after a gap of more than two decades, i was back in the troupe shouting Deushiray more louder than ever. If it was a game of tennis, i could have gotten standing ovation from the crowds for my long gap and my stunning comeback! Well,there are only countable numbers of Nepali here,so we didnt leave a single house and if we mistakenly did, that would have cost our pride the next day.In a small community like ours, we are knitted as closely as our handwoven sweaters. By 11.30 pm we were richer by few thousands, a plastic full of "cell-roti" and ourselves half as much drunk.
The past week also saw the end of Trial exams for class ten. As an assistant to Exam Secretary, a post that i hold most proudly(hehe), it was a relief when i and mam Sonam Choden(of Gangtey fame) could outstand the various complaints that cropped out. But that is natural. In any school food chain, you can never make all the teachers equally blissful. Not even close! Make school timetable or a invigilation roster, you are in an inferno more destructive than imagineable limits. You have to be sensibly diplomatic not to overburden your Principals and thronging VPs. You have to be understandably compassionate to expecting Madams or madams who breast-feed their babies and frame thier timings in such a way that they get off hours to mind their own business. You have to understand as a male the predicament of bachelor friends who seldom get overnight shifts and might not be able to make during first periods! Or old lopens who might not want afternoon classes since it induces his students to sleep more blissfully than the hypnotic Diazepam. You have to be competent enough to integrate all your circle of friends, foes, superiors, subordinates and so on in such a way that it doesnt compromise your working environment. It is a complex situation that might need constructive feedbacks from reknowned psychologists but i can tenaciously triumph from those situations. I pride my resilience during such traumatic periods. Guess, what i do? is easy friends..go cross-legged, your tongue touching the upper palate, your palm on your knees..sounds familar, huh? :). As a friendly advise, dont try your pathetic meditation in violent crowds because some explosive colleague might release despicable punch on your calm balmy head! They expect explanation, not your GNH answers! lol. is going to be quite a break here. Good that i could complete my syllabus. We have Trakar Tshechu this week, Jambay Lhakhang Mewang again, Jakar Tshechu is next, 11 november soon, School picnic, Farewell for class ten, award day, blah blah...And finally annual exams on 14 November..friends, it is so hectic here!:)

Good day teachers!

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