Monday, October 31, 2011

The Busy Week..notes from Teachers' Forum

The past week was a busy week. I wanted to update with pictures in my blog but my pea-sized brain never could handle the instructions that popped up regularly when i tried to update the photos. So here i am like a cliche'd bride trying to impress beyond my vanity!
I was in one of the groups that braved the dropping thermometer and went around each Nepali house playing "Deushi-ray".Having had my ...childhood in Sarpang(It was called Sarbhang-Tar that time), Gaylegphug(old names) and Norbuling, the nostalgia in me was overwhelming. Often we would be shooed away when we played Dueshiray in some unknown households that were palgued by deaths before or some elders who delibrately closed their doors that dispelled our passions during such festivals. Gone are those days. So in Chumey, after a gap of more than two decades, i was back in the troupe shouting Deushiray more louder than ever. If it was a game of tennis, i could have gotten standing ovation from the crowds for my long gap and my stunning comeback! Well,there are only countable numbers of Nepali here,so we didnt leave a single house and if we mistakenly did, that would have cost our pride the next day.In a small community like ours, we are knitted as closely as our handwoven sweaters. By 11.30 pm we were richer by few thousands, a plastic full of "cell-roti" and ourselves half as much drunk.
The past week also saw the end of Trial exams for class ten. As an assistant to Exam Secretary, a post that i hold most proudly(hehe), it was a relief when i and mam Sonam Choden(of Gangtey fame) could outstand the various complaints that cropped out. But that is natural. In any school food chain, you can never make all the teachers equally blissful. Not even close! Make school timetable or a invigilation roster, you are in an inferno more destructive than imagineable limits. You have to be sensibly diplomatic not to overburden your Principals and thronging VPs. You have to be understandably compassionate to expecting Madams or madams who breast-feed their babies and frame thier timings in such a way that they get off hours to mind their own business. You have to understand as a male the predicament of bachelor friends who seldom get overnight shifts and might not be able to make during first periods! Or old lopens who might not want afternoon classes since it induces his students to sleep more blissfully than the hypnotic Diazepam. You have to be competent enough to integrate all your circle of friends, foes, superiors, subordinates and so on in such a way that it doesnt compromise your working environment. It is a complex situation that might need constructive feedbacks from reknowned psychologists but i can tenaciously triumph from those situations. I pride my resilience during such traumatic periods. Guess, what i do? is easy friends..go cross-legged, your tongue touching the upper palate, your palm on your knees..sounds familar, huh? :). As a friendly advise, dont try your pathetic meditation in violent crowds because some explosive colleague might release despicable punch on your calm balmy head! They expect explanation, not your GNH answers! lol. is going to be quite a break here. Good that i could complete my syllabus. We have Trakar Tshechu this week, Jambay Lhakhang Mewang again, Jakar Tshechu is next, 11 november soon, School picnic, Farewell for class ten, award day, blah blah...And finally annual exams on 14 November..friends, it is so hectic here!:)

Good day teachers!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early call

It snowed yesterday not in Chumey but one could see fluffy snow on the mountain tops not far from here. Feeling too cold and old, i suggested Choden to brew Suja instead, only to discover that we have run out of butter! I thought that wasnt a nice way to welcome snowfalls. Last year when the snow first furiously fell, there were ample stocks behind my store: Maa, Datsi, shakam, Sikam, Changkey, and a pair of rusty dumb bell to warm my muscles against hypothermia! Not this time, and what is more, things are more expensive each month. Now, i have taken a personal pledge not to exceed my monthly expenditure to half of what i could afford last year without much fuss. Aye, things are expensive. Choden has recently come up with a solution for my tea yearnings. She wanted me to substitute Suja to Nga Ja which i didnt like. "It is much cheaper", she told me! Grrr..i was truly shattered. There she is, trying to minimise and cut off my regular supply of NgaJa which is my first passion since childhood and now she tells me that. I consider it as a threat to my self-esteem! "Oh, holycow", i retorted her,"we could drink all the tea in the world and still survive without any trouble. Dont you worry about trifle things!".

She narrated incidents in the town where people have cautiously substituted their Ngaja with suja and some of them even go for black-tea! Well, i would rather cleanse foul smelly feet with black tea than drink it..that is too boastful, huh? I tell you, dear boys, one of the easiest methods to overcome your smelly feet is to dip into a bowl of back tea(Use Tsheringmo tea) and chant Medicinal Buddha mantra! Gone are those days when i used to feel so embarrassed about my smelly feet but not now!:). I would be the first one to proudly untie my lace and hop into a Lhakhang for a round of prostrations. Earlier, i would wait all my friends to finish off their turns and try at the last to aviod their accusing eyes! I promise you, this time my feet would even beat "all the perfumes of Arabia"...! Ha Ha...good day teachers!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Week Old!

Hmm..i am one week old in this blog and finally got one profile picture for myself :). It was a tiring job i tell you. Were it not for the constant reminders from my friends who told me that creating a blog is as easy as ABC, i could have succumbed to my computer-illiteracy. Seriously, computer is one thing that i can never learn. Tell you honestly, i use a laptop whose screen cant be closed and if i closed it,the screen goes blank when i open it next time. The moment i open it, i get a warning stating that i am using a counterfeit windows! I close it without worry. As i browse or open my FB, something pops up and says "Your PC at risk"! I close it too. Few months back, i had dumped this old Toshiba at a neighbours place and had it operated by him. He had agreed to help me tackle this sickly laptop if it gave me another problem! Few days later, it crashed down again!
Well, i remember my professor(Dr.Vittal) who taught us Cplus and BASIC while i was in first year pursuing chemistry but there was nothing i could learn in that University. I still marvel at his speed when he could complete the entire semester course in one month without ever taking us in the computer lab! But that is acceptable since it was in India i was slogging. "Now my work is complete and it is your turn to learn", he had told us before he left to some Korean University as a Visiting Professor. I had to mug up the entire program that would calculate rate constants as temperature and activation energy go on changing(Using Arrhenius equation). That was some three years back. Ever since, i have thought that i was not meant to learn anything in computer.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Bye Gadhafi!

The leaders around and especially our Big Brother Obama sighed out relief yesterday as Gaddafi  met his brutal end. They fittingly called it an end to the "era of despotism" and "tyranny" and i remained glued in front of my TV listening to all the updates. Choden wanted to know who was Gaddafi."It is a very long story", i answered her to evade more queries from her.The only difference that both of us cant resolve is our TV hours. I wud go for news and sports while she would incessantly want Hindi soap operas. Neither of us can tolerate the differences in here. So i log into my laptop as she watches her Serials,while she does household chores while i watch my favorite club play against Manchester United(It is Liverpool!). If it is about daughter and Son about the Chota Bheem show,both of us indulge into diplomatic talks as how to save more bucks next month or what all to do during winter breaks!
Well, the brutality of Gaddafi's death is forgiveable. In all our history lessons, dictators have met with similar ends. Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe, Arafat, and even our cousin Binladen(sorry for that fond closeness!lol) had similar stories to tell. Now what is more challenging post Gaddifi's death is Rebuilding Libya. The tragedy in Afganistan or Iraq is still at home than to reinvest world's interests in Libya. May be the Civil Revolution as the Arabs vehemently call it, havent yet ended. Infact,it has opened doors to more of its kind. And again, we have neighbourly Pakistan! The surprise visit by Hillary recently,gave her with more goosebumps than she could have thought. She had the same ultimatum to Pakistan: Deny havens to terrorists or face the consequences. Pakistani thought she is crazy to to rely on her whimsical thoery! is almost time to School..good day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trongsa Experience

As I talked earlier, the trip to Trongsa was truly fulfilling. As we queued up, i whispered to Choden about the hand-lens that i brought from the Biology lab,to look at those relics. She glared at me surprised, almost scornfully as if i had committed some grave disciplinary offence. "Those relics are too tiny for unaided eyes, you know", i reasoned with her. "Dont be silly. And now dont you take... those freaking lens out in this crowd!", she warned me and almost shouted over! An hour later, we were out of the other end of the Trongsa dzong. Out of the three sacred relics, the largest(Budhha's) was double the size of an ordinary rice grain! I nearly laughed at the old man just before me who had walked two days to get a glimpse of those relics that were too tricky for his aging eyes to locate it. Any sensible anthropologist could have marvelled at the stupidity of such fanatical response to a mere grain-sized bone, but not me. I took another chance to look at those sacred "Ringsels" and thought i might collapse with awe and respect if i watched it longer! :)
 Later, i thought if Navy SEALs could spare a tooth of Osama on the fourth table as a contemporary relic!After that, Choden wanted to buy vegetables from the Sabji -Bazaar since it is hard to get fresh vegetables in Chumey. Despite being crowded, Trongsa is comparatively hot to an alpine dweller like me. Moreover,i am rather allergic to dust so i offer myself to wait for her to complete her shopping. As i waited for her impatiently, i saw a man walk by. His feet were unable to withstand his body since he used two handmade sticks to support himself and was dragging his feet.He wore a faded Sertha Gho and looked quite young except for his dishevelled hair and the way he dressed up. I thought he must have met with an accident earlier that left him handicapped. Well he came towards me and just as i tried to look away at his struggle, he told me,"Uncle,Nga lu Tiru Ngaa(Nu.5) nang mey". He smelled like AWP factory has been attached to his mouth! "Uncle lo?!".That is cocky, i thought! There are times when i can be too compassionate but those are rare occasions. I told him that i wont be standing there if had the money but i offered him a gauva that i bought from one of the roadside stalls. He didnt want that. I left him alone and walked away....See More

    A Page from My Diary is the 12th of March. I walked to my school rather puposely holding my underage daughter to her usual class. It is pretty tricky and agonising to feel the chilling cold in Chumey even on a spring morning. Disputable seasons we have in chumey but i tried to be bold and took out my other hand tucked lifeless in my "hemchu" and played paino in the air to excite my bony fingers.
    The other day ...we have had a conference in our staff room with the Principal sir. He had informed us about the incumbent Teachers' Needs Assement from the Royal Council of Education. He had briefed us about various sets of papers that we might have to write exams on and wished us all goodluck as if we were to bring down minerals from moon! I cudnt but help myself with a tiny laugh, "exams again?" i said to none in particular.
    i sat for one paper in the morning without understanding a thing to write. HOwever it was striking and commendable of REC to have come up with such questionnaire. There were questions on maths that i feared most, series to be broken down although not like Reimann's hypothesis(it hardly sweated one!), questions on politics, Nobel prizes, blah blah blah.. If anyone had asked me how it went when i came outta my exam room i wud have just blurted out," Nothing much,mate.." like a kid who comes outta a game of hitless archery match!.....
    ...Awooo folks,,wat to write??:))) just felt bored...hope u guys wont mind me..haha
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    Being a Teacher...

    It created a vulcanic furore nine years ago when i first announced to my loving family that i wanted to be a teacher.My mother made coy claims that i was more fit than any other finest humanbeings, as an army officer which made me rather sick, while my father as always thought his son was cut out for more lucrative job than being a tedious teacher. Only my younger sister who sti...ll slogged in a school thought i wud best make a good teacher. "Come to my School as a teacher",she suggested as if i wud be all fun for her!
    A fine evening, few months later i had my beddings spread on my new bed in Samtse like a nervous student in his first school day. i called my fussy mom that night and i said i was glad to be there safely and added that i meet old frends just as to console so that she might not get the feeling that it was only i who went for teacher training centre! Oh,she went on how to take care and all, asked me not to go out too much, cause samtse cud easily land u with bouts of malaria and so on. That evening,i had my first shots of RockBee from a nearby bar and crept noisily into my bed. "Ah, this is life. I am a teacher now!" i solemnly thought .
    Nine months later,i passed outta institute with a broken relationship with my chripy girlfrend and a weebit flirts with locals so abundant in Samtse,i thought i cud move mountains with my passion in teaching. Off i was bound to my present school with a small bedding , a pair of pots, few postcards that my sister sent me lovingly when i was in NIE, and a small chair that i surprisingly looted from my old institute!
    16 years of schooling and nine months rigours at NIE, i am here...standing like a rock to teach my students..! oh fie!.....:))
    sorry poeple...m drunk tonight!...cheers everybody!
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    Childhood Memories

    I reflect with pride and nostalgia for my childhood memories like any one of us. I had one friend who would always visit my home and take me out for a game of football or criket although i never made any significant contributions in any of the matches. The moment he saw or i saw (any one of us),we would exchange blows till our body ached but that was how we greeted eachother. MOments later we woul...d be in the playground or in the bushes playing games and calling names. Gone are those days when it was so beautiful to call it a day and the universe was my "box of joys" , gone too are those days when duty and work was not my business but my parents' and elders', and now it is different.
    Sometimes i get so confused with the petty goals that i have set to myself. Seldom i wish i had turned older than i can imagine, and have a view of my kids as 'grown ups'. I would like to recite prayers and read stories to my grandchildren, go out for a long vacation, and may be drive a Posche or so. Oh! that would be exceedingly long from now.
    Dawa is just 11 and opening up is eyes to various realities of life while Cera is still stupid with four years of her existance. Dawa, i thought would make up a fine gentleman couple of decades later though her mom thinks he is too naughty for anything smooth. That is excusable of his age. Cera,i doubt. She has a nasty sense of education! The way she tries her mechanism to bully her mom,it looks like she wud be terribly hard to tame.

     Phew, looks like this is too lousy a piece to elaborate..Well, i would try to write about the Tshechu that i am planning to go and watch today..till then good day teachers!
    (the writer wishes to apologise for this aint worth anything..just tried to scribble..:((.....Blush..blush..!!)
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    Realization that I didn't Realize

    I was listening to a religious commentary of the morning session from the BBS. The Lam was explaining a text from his desk and i could understand it was about the debate between Budhha and his doubting Thomasses,the Drangtsongs. It imbued me with wonder to listen to the fundamental truths that he preached more than some 2000 yrs ago.
    "i am just 30,"i bubbled with childish life, infact a year older... than when Buddha first renounced his worldly life. Although it is pity that i havent much realised my life more than a mere biological existance, there are times when i get unceremoniously religious. I would go for long prayers in my room that i lovingly call my Chhoesam. I had often kidded with my wife about the shortage of statues in my chhoesam but well who is all about emptiness ultimately! The first sets of small statues that are there,were bought many years ago when i first got my salary in bulk. That time around,half of my income had to be sent to my aging parents since they wanted to strike out on a pilgrimage which i thought was good intention.
    well i guess, being good, helping others and not harming lives is integral part of harmonious co-existance and a balancing act of food chain. I hardly put these as any religion.I wish i cud muster enough courage for a round of debate with Bhutanese or Tibetan lams, about wat is religion or wat is not. Not that i do not imbibe buddhism, not because i teach chemistry or Evolutionary history for that matter but because i do not understand wat is religion at large. The more i grow, the lesser i understand wat is religion. The deeper i think, the lesser i find truth....i wish i had opened up my eyes to buddhism when i was a kid. Not now.Because now, i am endowed with much greater burden of likes and dislikes, true and false,good and bad, self and non-self. The ability to make these judgement is so interred in my bones that i cant truly consider all these as One. So how do i practise religion?..aww is it religion? I wish i do not give names to simple chores like being good as religion. These are human activities sans religion ,sans god, sans any names. I do not buy the fact that one has to follow religion in life to be happy. There are more people in the world who do not have any dogmatic religion but they surely have fared well in happiness,aint it enough for us to show that we are all but same?.

    (...Laso...this was written not just to polarise any views nor as to claim anything but outta desire to kill my time here in the net!!

    Daily Chores..

    I woke up late today as it is a local Tshechu. Darling daughter and mommy dear were talking in a hushed voice. I pressed myself nearer to them and heard they were talking about thier respective dreams. "Ah,not again! Light the bukhari instead," i chided my wife. "Apa, nga dhi neylam na Dhree ghi zaw mey ba!",Cera said with added concern. Aww..Just then, i remembered the old monk wh...o came around our school selling different types of Sungki yesterday. I had bought one of them for my daughter that would ward off evil spirit. Afterall, Chumey is never free of disembodied spirits that roam freely without any license! Despite, in a culture such as ours, there are dozen many possibilities to fall sick - Dhree, Sondhree,Meeykha,Mamo,Shindey,Zandey..blah blah. A colleaque adjacent to my house had availed casual leave yesterday because their new born baby got terribly sick according to him. "What sickness?", i asked as if it never happened to my kids. "Mashey, diarrhoea immey. But he cried all night." "Sounds serious", i blurted out and my face crumpled like a old bedsheet on an imported dunlop! Later that evening,the only Ap Tsampa in chumey was doing his magic with his
    cymbal-tangti- drilbu formula.
    Cera and Dawa wanted to go to the Tshechu today while i and wife postponed it for tomorrow. I had already thought that today's visit would hamper tomorrow's spendings, that wud mean lesser nutritional inputs to both the kids,minus few bucks for my beer,minus two litres of fuel in my old car! This is a compromise that i wud hate to make in a crowd such as in our bhutanese tshechus where people indirectly flaunt their wealth. Teachers like i, have to be brutally thrifty,at times even like a Bihari miser, so as to make my spendings economically enjoyable.
    I polished my shoes and kept it outside for the sun to do all the wonders of reflections, washed my sleeve-shirt that bore "Van Hussen"(it is my prized possesion that my tourist-guide inlaw gave me!), and checked which special Gho to wear tomorrow. "All is set," i thought and took pride at my own calculations!............folks, i got fire wood to chop! BRB....he he he.

      Fractions and Decimals of my Life

      I regretted only yesterday having taken mathematics for class six this year. Earlier i thought teaching younger children would be more fun than older students. Honestly, it isnt. The first chapter in class six maths is "Fractions and Decimals" which turns out to be menacingly maths!
      My class is still struggling in half the chapter, discovering all the hidden senses from the sample calculations wi...ttingly given in the text books. Aww..these students get confused with three-fourths and two-thirds, one-halves and two-fifths.
      I explain to them umpteenth time about how to add simple fractions and i solve it on the board. "Ha go yee?", i ask them, my heart three-fourths, sunk in desperation! "Yes sir", they would shout boastfully. I give them a pair of fraction to add to check their understanding. All of them goes into business. Tulsi would show his answer first,be it right or wrong. Others would marvel at his speed of maths and wait in an eerie silence whether or not he got right from me. I put a long tick mark on his note and purposely announce "wrong!" in a much higher decibel. "What are u all waiting for?", i ask them non-chalantly. They would all at once busy themselves for their own answers.
      Oh these small kids! They would just wait to copy answers!
      There is Jigme at one corner, taller than most of his classmates, who would always pretend that he is solving his maths but he never does! The moment i look at him,he goes muttering something hastily. I cant be fooled easily. I go nearer at him and listen to wat he is muttering frantically...hell with him! He is back with his old tricks! The most plausible excuse that u wud give to ur maths teacher if u didnt know ur answer was, act u are doing something! He does that...he just goes 2 one za 2, 2 two za 4..blah blah at an enormous speed that any maths teacher would think it is some mighty calculations! But not me.
      I box his ears this time too, he twists his face painfully. I get relieved. He he he.
      Diagonally opposite to jigme are three girls, darn too naive to know any maths! I wonder at thier ability to act pittingly innocent with their eyes hunting down for thier frends' answer. I look at them with my face almost red with rage,they would go counting something on their hands and fingers...some numbers anyway! It is maths afterall.
      Well i would be unfair if i tell that i dont beat my students. I do. Sometimes i try to measure my strenghts so thriftily that i try synchronising all my muscles available and hit them on their hands so that it wud just make their chubby fingers red. I honestly cant think that i can teach mathematics without instilling a wee bit fear in students. I am aware without a morsel of doubt that these students wont take maths seriously till i dont be strict with them. Copying aint any better,always getting help aint any good whcih is wat my students in class six do. Therefore, beat them, i must!
      ..(..tis getting longer than expected..sorry people..good night!)

      Diary 2010

      hello folks..tonight i just went through my old diary and found this one out...

      19/02/2010....."Today we were involved in a workshop as usual, a tiring one indeed. I cudnt contain my old stomach disorder that i had since my college days. I let go my discomfort with a silent, a decent one truly i thought, and i raised slightly as if to pull my my socks and gave out a fart! Nobody heard... it. Bravo! Out of curiosity, i wispered to the nearest colleague, "Say Nima, do you smell some curry?" He raised his head,pushed his cheek slightly upward and breathed in. "Gosh, aint it a smell of faint ripe papaya?", he wispered. "Aye,Aye," i responded gleaming with pride and with a sigh of relief let another one out!...."

      20/02/2010....there was a meeting. Principal sir was talking about the GNH and all the senses he got outta workshop that he attended during that winter vacation probably in Paro?..This was the entry on that day in my diary..

      " Being happy is a tough thing. I wish if i can be ever optimally happy and still survive. One can be aestically happy by deriving satisfaction with wat one has, with wat others around us have and with a mindful and a generous philosophy that all happiness stems outta a want for harmonious co-existance.
      However at the basic levels of all existance, we must all acquire survival tools and that includes a majestic variety. At the least we generally need 3-square meals, we might need a car these days, well we need a shelter to protect ourselves. we do need monthly income to meet our ends. In such a process as this we might have to compete, we might also need to grab somebody's share if one is fairly intelligent! one might need to distort truth, one might need to call a spade a shovel so as to please people around us..what is GNH?? I would terribly like to be happy but the road to that elusive happiness is all burdened with unfair means. Does it make my thinking anti-GNH??"...

      That was the last of the entry. Infact i do rember that i read this piece to the floor later when Principal asked if we had any doubts on his Good night colleagues!

      Remembering Angayla Angay who lived for 82 years passed away yesterday night. I fondly rember the rare moments i had with her whenever i visited her while she put up with my Aunt in Thimphu. I called up my father who was nurturing her in Thimphu hospital during her last breath. He cudnt say much as he was overwhelmed by the grief and i on my part as a doting granson cudnt utter much either. There was more s...ilence than a retreat centre wud have, i hung up my the phone and wiped my tears away.
      Angayla, as i used to fondly call her, outlived most of peers from Bomdelling,Trashiyangtse. Some 25 yrs ago when i first visited them in the village, i had seen her as a sturdy hardworking woman who always woke up early and had hot butterly suja and breakfast ready when we woke up. She always cooked special dishes during our stay then. I vividly rember when one fine evening she called me to a window(our house overlooked the river which flew past Bomdelling) and asked me to watch the ThrungThrungs. I cudnt much understand her Yangtsepa but i cud guess that she informed me those backnecked cranes wud dance. Much to my excitement i did see dozens of cranes making peculiar pattern and moving in a synchronised way...surely it was a dance! I still do rember those cherished moments. I never had opportunity to re-visist my paternal village despite my yearnings.
      After my graduation i showed up myself again since both Agay and Angay were staying in Thimphu with Aunt. They didnt recognise me by then. Aunt did all the introduction that time since i cudnt still learn Yangtsepa after all these years. After that there were more frequent associations because whenever i went to thimphu i made it a point to visit her and spend some time with her. She wud always offer me beer even though i didnt drink that time but it was a tradition i guess she still carried close in her hearts. I regret a lot that i cudnt understand all that she said during our meetings but truly,she never lacked those wide smiles that let all my fears melt in her warmth. I wud always tuck few new 100 notes into her hemchu when i parted with her while she wud say.."Noower key shog ney.."(do come next time too??)
      The last of my meetings with her was last winter before i came to my school after the vacation. Some uncanny feelings that one often get, i took my wife along and introduced to her.She said my wife looked beautiful and healthy to which i nodded boastfully! By that time the doctors have diagonised her ailment as bone cancer(she was referred to Calcatta few years ago ) but how pity that she still looked stronger with her health though her sight and hearing failed a bit. She cud cook even that time and go for her usual "Kora" at Memorial Chorten.
      When i parted that time i cudnt say much .."Leshom bay dooed Angayla..dato dhi dho ri ri ra dhu..Ma shi maray nga ma cheey tshuntshun.."


      I have seen rainbows but never like this! It was about morning interval in my school that i saw a magnificient circular rainbow around the sun with luminous clarity! I quickly remembered my colleagues and dialled them to inform about it. "Yes Saar..i am in the class". "Oh i am sorry mam' Reshmi," i blurted out. "There is a rainbow in the sky madam!". Her typical South Indian respond thawed all my... excitations at once. "Saar rianbows are formed due to scattering of lights nah!". I hung up the cell thanking for her science. I tried again, this time more cautiously to an elderly citizen and a good Dzongkha teacher, Lopen Sonam. Later, he told me that circular rainbows are good signs to which i cudnt but agree with all my heart. The next day too just as i was taking my students to the School Agriculture garden(Gardening and Farming...class v Science), we saw the same type of rainbow..more clearer than the last day. A circular rainbow around the sun at about the same time. I called my superstitious mom at Gelephu and asked if she one. She said it was more of cloud than sun in her location. I asked my sister at Paro. She said she was busy inside and didnt bother to see above.
      The Science teacher in me comply with wat mam' Reshmi told me but the buddhist nature(??) in me says it is more than just meet the eyes. Sometimes i wonder if we had reasons for everything, we wont have anything like religion. Because it is only during the times when medicines cant work we think abt religion, only during the times when we cant explain black holes we think of some superior forces playing at it, only at times when all reasons are exhausted for a plausible explanation, we leave that matter for God! One would need absolute clarity to differentiate between hypothetical conditions and physical phenomena, while i wud still lean to good conscience more than physical laws to look for answers. But yes, signs do occur and i am a firm believer in signs. Not that rainbows were formed during my birth or meto-ghi-Charp!! Ha ha.
      The first time i qualified for college, i saw ample signs around me. While being bed ridden with a fever in my Junior High School days i saw signs too. It was typhiod anyways!!lol. More recently, just as i was untying my Gho in my home i accidently hit the potted plant that my wife kept in the living room to protect it from cold and frost of Chumey, it fell on the floor. I quickly picked it up lest she complained about my regular clumsiness but behold! The plant lay in exactly two pieces. Half the main branch was still intact while the upper portion where the bud had just tried to pop out had been detached right from its main stem! There i had just the pot and the broken stem of a length of my thumb. I silently took that pot outside so that my wife wudnt know about it.
      The next morning i got a call from my father saying that my beloved Angayla who had been nurturing bone cancer had passed away in JDWNR hospital.
      Signs do occur and like dreams, it foretell things that only science consider it a chance of probability!
      ( network sucks! sorry ppl i cudnt edit it properly since i cud see only one line at a time...happy weekend!)

      On Busy Day in School

      The Annual School Rimdro, presided by the noted Tang Rinpoche concluded yesterday much to our own relief. It was especially satisfying for me as i was nursing personal bereavement too. I called my Pa and informed him that i was hoisting prayer flags around the school campus. He said i was doing great job.
      Later in the evening it was annouced by the Principal that the following day wud be no-scool since most of the teachers and students were busy with the chores for the rimdro.
      I woke up early today and warmed up tea for myself and Dawa. I know Dawa can do away with breakfast but not with his regular tea. HIs mother had gone outta station leaving him under my direct supervision. At the back of his mind he must be awaiting her arrival although it is barely two days since she left for some business trip. Well i think these things repeat in a cyclic fashion. When i was younger, seldom mother wud go to her village for her annual Chhoku or for some urgent work which we cudnt comprehend. To be honest it was more of agony than any fun to be with father while mother was away! My father wud be cent per cent humiliated if he read this article...he he. Truly it was fun to be with mother. One cud nag, sometimes even deny anything to the mother at a point-blank range but not to the father! Father though loving as he is, it is fearsome to nag or to ask favours from him. For him i guess, kids are meant to be be taught with discipline. His commands wud be kids service. No "Ifs" and "Buts". I learnt that hard way from my father. There were times when i failed to obey his orders with childish forgetfulness, he wud box my unusually long ears one full 360 degrees! Often i wud writhe with nauseating pain and wondering my bulky ears wud shed bloody trickle of red juices after those sessions. Not with mother! It is a free world with mother. Literally so! If one made mistakes, one cud afford to cheque in for rush of adrenaline for a flight of sonic speed.Only my physics teacher wud catch me for that but not my mother! There were times when she wud shout at me while i wud scream at her with a doubled decibel. I wud only give up whenever she relied with her final answer " Doessh chhoe, Apa lu labgey maray!" But i knew darling mother wont tell a thing abt all those mess to my strict father. Gone were those days..
      After breakfast i saw Dawa doing some trifle chores likes sweeping the floor and even tried his hands at dishwashing. I let out a tiny smile within..."Good boy, now go and try arranging ur clothes in ur closet", i suggested him. He obliged it with a saintly obedience


      I dont really remember about my first stunt with Doma but i guess i was barely 13. Nay much younger! I dont blame anyone more than myself for having taken up this habit at an age when kids around other parts of world wud have been slurping on their vanilla icecream. I take egoistic pride indeed for having started early. Awww..
      At the back of my mind i believe that my aggravating stomach disorder ...cud have been well due to it. But chew i must! i can forego my breakfast without fuss but not my regular Doma khamto.
      I am soundly aware of the health hazards that i am luxuriously indulging by doing this. I am aware too about the pungent breaths that must be emanating while i talk with non-chewers. My girlfriend once complained about it but i guess she forgot heck lot of my doma habits while i sealed her lips with mine without any resistance.That was some 10 yrs back when i had that handsome look(??) and muscular biceps with stomach packs better than an oxen! But i envy my sturdy pair of gums and whole set of my loving teeth for doing all the hardwork of grinding Doma so ceaselessly!
      A good thing about my doma habits is i dont take out anything..i mean i dont spit out those bloody red juices. Those juices do more good in my body warming me up better than 10-km jog that aristocratic town folks afford to take to shed their layers of adipose tissues around their shaggy hips! Honestly, i must have smeared my lime in lots of places but of late i have become more conscious of it, thanks due to the media people who brought this careless attitude of the Bhutanese doma-chewers so vehemently in the newspapers. But who cares! I pay my taxes on time. I pray as often. I teach my students. I make donations sometimes. ha ha.
      On a serious thought, i have wondered about some sublime research into
      Doma-Paani but i dont think that wud help much of my younger generations, assuming i went on to report whole lot of things about risks involved in Doma chewing. DPT might move a step up the ladder by barring people to chew it any longer much like the Tobacco acts of the kingdom! This is a time for clean acts, green acts,, GNH long the laws are set cleaner than himalayan air, Bhutan wont go forward. How saintly!!?
      The other day i had to bribe Choki sir with a doma khamto to have me substitute my eighth period since i had some emergency. He obliged more gracefully than buddha Sakyamuni.
      I wud be profusely thankful to Guru Rinpoche who supposedly introduced doma habits in our country. Back then this coutry of no-religion chewed on human flesh i guess and who wont fear our Monpa ancestors! The Precious Master substituted that habit by Doma-paani and tricked the old Monpas by saying chewing
      doma-paani is equivalent to flesh-chewing since both produced bloody red juices! How naive were YOUR ancestors,,, see??LOL.

      (I wish to come back again with the same topic next time too..till then good day dear frends )
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      Post Teachers' Day celebration in my school, i felt too lethargic as if whole of my corpuscles have aged beyond repair! The Osama's corpse did just fitting conclusion yesterday. Around the world, leaders have finally sighed with relief while most of Osama's pupils must have had hard time swallowing up their daily bread after his parinirvana(??)..Wow..
      I liked the fact that he is no longer and also... the fact that he was around Pakistan. It was India's turn after the news to make up more news...11 years for the No.1
      most-wanted person in FBI ! Oh that mushy Musharraf surely had some hints abt that but no wonder that happens in Pakistan! The moment Benizir Bhutto was hit with a fatal was the General Musharraf shedding crocodile tears. He must have sighed 100 many reliefs after her death too!!
      well, Osama wud fetch the most prized-death of the century if there ever was one. I tell you teachers, he got a princely after-death,, Americans claim that he got genuine sea-burial after proper Islamic funeral rites but that aint too important now. His head wud have fetched millions of $s if u took it with you at The White House Table! Obama wud have treated you with most subtle Cavier over a glass of champagne with whole of his cross-breds singing along with you.

      Hmm..friends this is nosey ol'e me all over again the common forum.(wishes for a personal blog!).
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      · · · May 2 at 8:17pm

      I actually wished to come out with Doma-Paani once again this week too but i have more pressing topics than that. I cudnt just let go away momentous celebrations that i had in my school.
      I marched to my school more dignified and cheerful than the newly-wed Prince Williams. Moreover,I had cut my scanty hair yesterday to put up a tidier look though it exposed more of my receeding hairlines than any...thing else.
      The students have put up lots of banners and posters around the School campus-all of them wishing Happy Teachers' Day! During morning assembly, there was Khatta session(Khadar?) whereby each one of the teachers was awarded ceremonial white scarf by the students. How beautiful it is! I got one, wrapped baostfully around my neck till the whole program in the school was over. After that, we were announced that there were more activities that students have painstakingly come out. They said "simple lunch" wud be also served during the course of the day. Simple is ok! Dawa and me havent had much of the luck in the culinary specialities this time over since her mother hadnt still come back. Yum iyum!
      In the MP hall, students have decorated with balloons and posters too. One side of the wall had all the articles about teachers..teachers are our light, teachers are our second parents,teachers are the greatest assest, blah blah...though i managed to put up warm full scale smile, reading all those articles over and again. And again! Ha ha. I admire myself that i can put to shame most of the Indian politicians at pretension if i ever got an opportunity! Each of the class had a dance each to stage up while in between few solo singers screaming more menacingly than ever. At item number 14, there was a teachers dance to which i joined wholeheartedly. It had been quite a time since i gave my last clumsy steps dancing to dzongkha songs but this time i was more lucky that i cud atleast pretend(again??) making all unrestricted movements with my lip that it looked i knew the song almost. Who says science teachers cant sing old folk songs?!
      Luch was served at around 2pm only. I thankd myself for having survived longer without cereals in my stomach.(It is easier with Dawa, i bribe him with few bucks whenever i cant help prepare myself rice and curry). After lunch it continued again..
      Well at this time, they are having jam-session in the same hall. I excused myself for orthopedic reasons! Cud be because age is catching up more really than i have thought over. Often i have felt whole of my bones creaking up whilst i tried to go Hip-hop at the parties. Otherwise i cud give a lengthy lap dance after few gulps of beers! But not with students..he he he.
      Sssshh..did u hear that? Osama is killed?? right back fellas..! cheerios.
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      After the class,we had triple treats today in our School MP hall. Firstly, it was the Guest Readers who spoke passionately about Women Education, being commendably conducted by the UNESCO club and its Co-ordinator.( Cheers mam Sonam C.Gantey!).There were five ladies, two of them were nuns, a VTI instructor, a class 12 passout and a benign farmer. All of them had different versions of their story a...nd without any doubts, cuddled with loads of struggle that they had to undergo as a girl child. I personally thought the nuns were more attractive though i wud be sinned beyond repairs for such malignant adventure in my mind! HOwever, all of them had the same striking message to our students: If a man cud go to the moon, there is no reason that a woman can not go there too! We concluded that program with more maturity in our minds about the rising needs of women education world wide.
      The second program to come up was "Dancing Galaxy" , a pet-project of our
      Non-Academic Secretary . It is infact chumey's version of Little Champs that comes out in Indian TV channels. I cud see most of them were from class 5 and 6 dancing with extra vigour. Since i teach both the classes i cud know each of them individually and it was a pleasent surprise for me to see them dance so elegantly despite their slow skills in learning thier subjects. At the back of my mind, i cheered up myself at having beaten or boxed their ears so profusely in the classes. Whoa!
      The third on line was "Voice of Chumey", cousin to Druk Star,another favorite brain child of the same Secretary. By that time my patience was wearing thin, i already felt punished for the whole week! I guess my face crumpled like an old bedsheet when i forced my feet up and excused myself from the program. I said i must go to the toilet anyways, not to hurt anyone. I took consolation in the fact that i bought each of the coupons that those contestants brought to me(we do have vote boxes where one cud buy coupons for the best candidates and pull them up to the next level,much like the same strategy that commercial shows carry out!).
      I am more of, from the old school. For me it is books first and the dances, laters. Although,I know it is debatable. Often at times i regret at not having learnt songs, at not having learnt dances, at not having learnt taking Sout Oaths, at not having learnt cleaning caimpaigns and at not having learnt much of the games or sports but honestly there werent much avenues during my times to showcase those peripheral talents. I insist saying peripheral talents since i still think with utmost clarity, those are secondary while u are in the school. I wud gladly abide by this wisdom even if i were told to teach students the most wholesome education. I dont really go gaga over students being able to dance Shakira or sing Dechen Pem. Even if they beat Ussian Bolt at 100 metres or Micheal Phelps at 100m Stroke. I wud rather bow down at them if they came to me with nothing but colourful marks in their examinations! That is the terrible teacher in me! Pity Pity!
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      We are done with Domkhar Tshechu around my school few days back. Although there were more feasts and extravaganza than the actual enthusiasm for mask dances, it widely relieved me from my regular routine of classroom activities. Being manly,i had even tried my luck at a game of cards that are so rampant during bhutanese Tshechus though i never won in any gamble i dared into. But i appreciated my g...uts that i threw away few thousands in that cool game of cards. I had to lie to my wife about that to keep troubles at a bay! I still remember how traumatic it was after a dual we had, when i almost lost half my monthly salary in a Mela. That was a friendly match between me and my wife.He he. Women are so sensitive to trifle losses that men consider as a passing fantasy. Not that it is fun to lose.
      Well if u are around Bumthang as a teacher, you would get vacations once a month on an average. Around Chumey, we start with Bula Tsechu. Not long after that, we have Domkhar Tsechu. Come June, we would be blessed with Nyimalung Tshechu. Laters into the year, it is Trakar Tsechu, Thromed Chotpa, Jambay Lhakang Tsechu, Tamzhing Tsechu and ofcourse the Jakar Tshechu. We have a village near by but we are done with that Tsechu too. There are times when i think it was my good fortune to have had my first placement in Bumthang. I havent given any thoughts of my next transfer except during those exceedingly cold winters! I guard those times with a warmly lit Bhukhari and a round of home-brewed ara with neighbours.
      Well, i nearly forgot about the Annual Sports's Day in my School. It got postponed due to reasons best known for my elderly Principal. That is good since it would help those students trying for medals to practise more in the field. This sunday my school is hosting an important archery tournament that would be played amongst "who-is-who" of Bumthang Dhe Zhi. It was a subtle concept desinged by an enthusiast archery-player, also a teacher in the same school. The funds generated from it would directly go into purchasing Jampelyang's statue that our school havent had since its establishment. With that long-awaited statue, surely Chumey wud bloom more than any perenial flowers but well, kudos to lopen Tshering who designed this idea. A fine capable colleague he is!
      Hey it is almost, 7.35 am! Gotta go...good day friends!
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      It was an absolute WOW yesterday in my school! As i mentioned in my earlier article, the Archery match amongst the "Who-is-Who" of BUmthang, it was a treat for the organisers to witness such a freindly game with greater pomp than any events in the school. The School made a whooping amount of Nu.1,55,885 in cash from the various sponsers who either participated in the match or were present as a!! It was so heartwarming to see players donating money to the school with lavishness that would put the whole treasure of Gyelpoi's Zimpon in Bumthang to shame. A mere 22 archery players donating more than one and half lakhs isnt simple silly mathematics!!
      Well, these money that the school organisers recieved would directly be used to purchase a statue of Jampelyang(as i narrated earlier) and other important school development activities.

      One would lovingly want to elaborate more on this but for the timebeing one is caughtup with the preparations of questions for midterm examinations.
      Good night freinds.
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      · · · May

      We had a meeting again after the 8th period today. There were few pressing topics that were discussed broadly. First, it was the review of the donations that flushed our school during last sunday's archery match from various "Jindahs". As a matter of fact, i can still recall the priceless face that our pricipal sir wore on that day when donations flowed freely from various players. My school is bl...essed with one good head, honestly so. Diplomatic as he is, he also scores better than most on social ethics. I would bet on him:give him few more years to hang around ChumeyMSS,he would herald double the development than all the budgets of our governments' Five-year plans can bring in the country! And he has got that gutsy gusto to devise and plan, most impressively also to innovate developmental strategies despite scarcity of funds in a small school such as this. Well, as planned earlier, all of us thought it would suffice for a graceful Jampelyang's statue in front of our assembly ground and also for a respectable "Sertog" atop our not-so-old Mani Dungkhor( A legacy left by the former Principal but lacked a sertog despite all credentials).
      The second agenda was about the celebrations of No Tobacco Day on 31st May being generously funded by the erstwhile BNCA(Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency). We elaborately decided to involve mass participations from our students since a budget of Nu.27000 is an enviable budget for a small school like ours. There would be mass uprooting of Marijuana plants around chumey vicinity. We kept aside another program of poster competition to groom our budding artists who might find more solace in drawing caricatures than rendering manual services! We also thought a debate competition would befit the day. The students would debate on the recent ban of tobacco in our country. Good that the For-the-Motion participants might come up with bountiful advantages of the ban. How pity for the Against-the-Motion participants to speak(Any advantages of Free Tobacco??!). I reluctantly volunteered to a few enthusiasts to guide them with points but Ssshh..dont you tell Apa Kinley(Head of BNCA)!! He would never approve of a budget from his office drawers for a group of students who would vehemently oppose ban for tobacco!
      Third in menu was our Annual Sports Day which has been long due. Come this saturday, Chumey MSS would be distributing about 200 medals to its various sportsmen, and also cash prizes to all the winners. I would be alarmingly busy that day cheering up my House members. Afterall, it is all about competitions amongst Houses too!
      The fourth was , well finally about the mid-term examinations. We decided to honour our students with extra medals before their actual exams this year! Ha ha. Honestly students are burdened with more activities unlike past years. In the past we use to observe a month long absenteeism from any co-curricular activities prior to midterm examinations but not this year thanks due to Local Government Elections. But we do yearn for well-rounded education system that craters to different levels of needs in an individual students. How ironic.However, of late i have been trying hard to come in term with wholesome education. May be it is time for all of us and especially for me to think education isnt just books and knowledge but that is another topic that i would like to beat around the bush. Not now...i might bore u more than u can imagine with all my vanity!!..:))
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      Ahoy teachers, i am back with my sweet nothings!:) It has been more than a forthnight since i last wrote in here.Not that i have special happenings in Chumey but because of genuine yearning for budding jingoism in my devil's mind. That is not so important anyway.
      Well, we have solemnly begun with our much-awaited midterm exams so that all goes well before our local government elections. As an assi...stant to the Exam Secretary in my school, i had warmly wished all the students good luck during the morning assembly. I told them with a saintly seriousness that examination is a sacred ordeal hinting at malignant malpractices that might crop up." Foul means are considered to be a serious crime and are punishable", i had said.Infact, unfair means in general, even in a small endeavour is morally wrong if not, grossly improper in us, the finest of the animal species. Humans are blessed with enormous faculty of doing wat is right and discarding wat is comparatively wrong. But students have to be reminded time and again. I have always grown up with a special assumption that exams are truly good for all of us. I rember how traumatic it was especially during exams.
      Couple of days before our exams, we had formally begun with ground breaking ceremony for our Jampelyang statue. We had an elaborate Rabney-Thrisur being conducted by some well-known folks in chumey. Few months from now, we would be having Jamyang statue(fully gold-plated) right in front of our assembly ground blessing us with infinite wisdom and reason. The school has in all simplicity employed one of the finest carpenters available in here while the Principal overlooks the process with personal pride and enthusiasm. I wonder at my own coldness for being unable to contribute anything towards it but well, we have a trustworthy principal guiding everything.
      Once i had joked in a class about the need of my statue in chumey since i had been aging more profusely than others. One smart boy shouted with excitement,"It would be an easy job sir. Your statue wont need much sclupturing!". Ofcourse, ofcourse!! I mentally surveyed my bodily profile, a dent here and there, with bones showing its presence more than its functional requirement, surely i would pass for a museum specimen. In biology, we call it regressive evolution!
      The other day i was in town buying vegetables for my wife. In Bumthang, it is difficult to get anything cheap. Being health-conscious, i went for bitter-gourd. "Is it fresh", i asked the vendor.Oh! he put all the freshness in his head into his vegetables and told me that i wont get more fresh vegetables in whole of
      Bengal-Daurs than on his shelf! Undeterred, i asked him if his bitter-gourd are good enough. He smiled, i smiled. Back at home, i was wondering about the unit of goodness in bitter-gourd!During meal time, Dawa and Sera complained a lot about the curry.
      Yesterday we were in the exam room teasing eachother about the male-macho. I bet it is difficult to beat Sir Sangay. He got lethal words in his mouth than anyone. I suggested him to join into politics since we need people who can speak. He thinks more Bhutanese people are waste than anything. He turned to Namgay sir(name changed)," this is one example of vestigial species!". He hinted at vetigial
      male-organ in Namgay sir since he aint married at 35! He he.
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      Monday, October 17, 2011

      Hello teachers! Doesnt it feel good to be back after the term break?:) I wished if my break wud never end but it was fruitful to be honest. Firstly it was the election duty that i partook as a polling officer, a call to which most of you also have done it. We were a group of six people with three additional security personnels, two men and a lady police-all of them though carried pitifully unloade...d AK-47 assault rifles! The security personnel in most of the banks in Bhutan have retired oldies carrying similar guns. But it frightened hell outta me when i was young.Not now! lol.
      When the results were declared, it was heart-warming to hear that the polling station that we were lodged boasted of the only lady Mangmi from four valleys of Bumthang(Tang). That didnt matter much to a poor teacher like me but a cheque of about nu.6000 was all that would draw some priceless smiles on my face the next day! I refilled my car with gold fuels upto to the brim!
      The next day i was bound to Gyelsa Tewa..the only opportunity that i get in a year. The Country-Mouse in me wud get so excited that i wudnt drive my car without my black goggles(It is a cheap one infact but it fits my face terribly sweet!) and a good music soothing my heart. It was more of a chore in Thimphu than fun, driving to and fro to Babesa. The BBE Controller welcomed us as usual and broke the news about the imminent autonomy of the BBE. It sounds all good that BBE is finally being aborted from MoE! It eases monetary hurdles, they informed us which sounds good to us.On the last day of the workshop the subject specialist distributed us with a questionnaire that they claim is some research study. It asked us if it was fair for teachers in the Evaluation Camp and Moderation camp to be paid as per thier grade(There are teachers from grade 3 to grade 8). All of us do the same amount of work but we do get different payments due to difference in Basic pay..blah blah. They suggested for a flat uniform payments but not basic pay...In the last of the page there we had to write comments too. I wrote "it is fairly respectable to pay our senior oldies with what they deserve with out much fuss!". I foresaw my future too! Greying hairs and a real spectacles resting on my nose, it send shivers to get old and get paid same as my students who might have become teachers by that time!
      The last of my stay in Thimphu i called up one of my old friends and let him take me out in one of the finest bars around the capital city! One wont get this luxury for about half a year again.
      Back at school, the results were declared. We had break for Nimalung Tshechu, the seat of the young and handsome Dudjom Yangsey. The chhams were as usual while Rinpoche watched it from his chamber overlooking the crowd. I wish i heard wat the Khandro DheZhi were all upto but it was so envious to see him sorrounded with beautiful girls talking things that were unknown to lesser mortals like me, critically blasphemous head in me!! Not that i disrespect anything less in religion or Rinpoche, but my naked eyes deviod of deeper sights are always mutely critical. Comparatively, it is easy to understand animal behaviour than humans!
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      · · · July 11 at 10:24pm
      · · · July 14 at 7:30am

      Sine the results were declared in my school i thought i could write something about it although it might not interest much of the friends here. Lemme be controversial before concluding anything substantial: These days it is more difficult to fail than to pass!
      On an average, students performed relatively well in Dzongkha except in one of the lower classes where the Lopen has been purposely too th...rifty with his continuous assessment marks. No questions. Overall, students in Chumey had more difficulty in tackling their mathematical skills than subjects like history and geography. In Science subjects, students fared better in biology and physics than in chemistry(ironic that i teach chemistry!! He he). One of the best subjects that students scored well above expectations is IT. It is wonderful that students did better in it than any other subjects just as it is indicative for us to understand learning by doing is more fruitful than just Jug-and-Mug Thoery.
      Those who opted for Vocational Skills too performed exceedingly well although i could not quite understand their mode of examinations and assessment as well, while the students sticking with Economics too faithfully lagged behind at an alarming average of just above 35!
      In my class (10 C), none of the students failed even though the marks most of them scored in the written exams were shamelessly pathetic. All of them scored high in thier continuous assessment. In another class that i teach(class 5), just two students couldnt pass, while in class 6 most of them failed in Dzongkha. Classes 3 and below, it was more of oral examinations where even the most freaking naughty boy could boast of his oratory skills and bug down his teachers with surprises! That is all folks. I got a presentation this saturday to be made on
      Mid-Term Result Analysis to rest of my colleagues.
      My son Dawa failed quite miserably in maths. He looked at me with wonderment and disbelief while i stared at him more with amusement. Back at home, i thought of lashing him but the teacher in me couldnt do so. Instead i cut down his outings and TV viewing. He now looks outta his window while his freinds play games outside!
      I nearly forgot, i have a list of about more than 10 students who were caught copying in the examinations still pending for actions against thier mal-practices. The Principal felt that we must decide about it on this coming saturday when all of us would be in the Meeting. I have been convinced now as an Examination Secretary that students did copy so profusely without our knowledge. At one instant, a gutsy fella from class 8 had 3 fully written quire-papers tucked inside his Hemchu. Most of the students found it too safe to take copies attached to thier calculators while few students had copies written boldly on thier tighs! Ah, this has become so cancerous in my school that i really wanted to go for serious actions. Things are complicated these days. Beat a student, he runs away from the school. You are left alone feeling much of the guilt to that childish response. The irony is that, the country at large expects better students graduating from each teacher. Sherig Lyonpo would gleam with utmost pride if we gave him GNH-students and value-laden students. Passing and failing is just a matter of thinking, teachers! Ironic mosssh?!!
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