Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rise off Women!

Now that it is fairly known there are more girls than boys in our schools, i get nervous about my improved opportunities in near future. In my last post i have boldly stated that world would be more peaceful some decades later. Will it be?
                                  In general, women population outnumber men in most of the European and American countries and most of these countries are comparatively peaceful. Before long, we would be seeing more women than men even in our country. Count our HIV infection! We are at 173:173, and evenly distributed although UNAIDS alleges more than 500 plus victims in Bhutan. Choden had looked at those figures with utter disbelief and wondered at such sickening trend. Given our casual attitude to casual sex(read Aum Dorji Dhratyul of "ESCAPADE" fame), the trend would simply improve for quite a long time.
          Few days back, i was trying to read about the general population trends but it left me more confused with different anthropologists and demographers making 100s of varied claims. However, there is inescapable coherence in general trend : the female species is on rise! And i get a sinking feeling that world would be better place. He he.
We have nearly 1.02:1 male/female ratio at home. Even our orthodox big brother(India) has 940 females per 1000 males. India ought to have outdone that ratio way back if only there were lesser female foeticide(according to that all-knowing nobel laureate Amartya Sen).
With TFR(total fertility rate) at 2.13 per woman, Bhutan stands at a loosing end of controlling its population. On the other hand, Singaporeans are low-performer on beds since their TFR stands at 0.78, one of the lowest in the world, thanks due to Mr. Khaw BoonWan, who spelt Bhutan being un-shangrila!
                              Statistics and interpretations are not my interest. Simply put, i am more interested at women population. At off side of 30, little is left in me to boast about male macho but truth be told, it still brings smile on my face when i think about increasing number of girls in my country.
However, Bhutan is still not receptive to feminism. Rejection of DCT by the general electorate was politically in-correct indications. My own theory at home is, settle every dues and chaos first and go off to vacation leaving the rein to Choden.
At a similar level, we can not leave our world in chaos and groom female leaders to straighten it. It is a far cry from being real. Why is it? Is it that difficult not to trust females for their leadership?
 My point is, sexism is still prevalent everywhere around us. It is high time we shed our stereotypes and offer the opportunity to our opposite counterparts. In the world of Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Sonia Gandhi,Rosie and Lily, world doesn't look as blur as we inherit from our genes!
Infact, it would be better to work under a genteel Principal than an arrogant, self-centered one.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where are our Toms??

I had really wanted to write on this topic but it never hit me harder than yesterday.  As usual the annual exams for the students are in full swing and there are so many things to do before i finally call it a year. So i was on duty in one of the classes to invigilate while the students wrote their exam. Just as i entered the room, the students stood up to greet me. I let them sit and informed them to make themselves comfortable. Ofcourse, exam time is not the fittest of the comfortable times. It is more than a war for the students during the exams.
             In my room, there were 36 girls and 6 boys. Easy to handle, i thought myself. With girls,with due respect to all our female species, you just have to use small tricks to control them. With boys, you really need muscle to deal with them. Boys are disruptive even on their death bed!
                                           Well, my subject of interest is the ratio between boys and girls. Gone are those days when we rarely saw girls taking up the reins. In my primary school, there were about six girls in my class. There were only two girls in my 3-year B.Sc course. I didn't get to turn at them even during my sick days since both of them had their boyfriends.
              Look at the trend now. The ratio is almost reversing. Enter any classroom, you should not be amused to see more girls than boys. It is a girls' world. Blame your mating misadventure for female foetus, but things doesn't look as bright as it was. Not that i am a misogynist. I love girls:)
                        Seriously, our world is going to be more peaceful 50 years hence. You wouldn't expect being attacked by women armies too often. I would love to elaborate the implications of self-framed
"Ratio Reversal" in another post. I tried to put up few pictures that i have presently to bring out the difference.
Find out the boys

Who is the weaker one?
who are the chaperones?

boys or girls?
Can you do that?:)

trust me for the future?:)
see how many male here?
through my lens!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

8 hours and a minute glimpse!

We travelled to Tsirang yesterday. Earlier, i had cajoled Choden to move in the School bus so that i would be able to accommodate my aging parents in my car. Ofcourse, she consented to it but with loads of false accusations. "I will follow the bus closely", i ensured her and the kids. It was barely morning when we commenced our journey; my grumbly mother, my bulky father, my as-silent-as-grave niece and my erratic nephew. None of us talked much because mom told me that it was utter indiscipline to chit-chat while making religious sojourn.
                   Except for the prayer that mom incessantly muttered, everything was silent. I wished Choden was in the car. She would always light up the moment with her trifles. She would talk about the duplicate broom that she mistakenly bought from a Boro pheasant. She would boast about her 3 am-wake up time while i would complain about the weird alarm from her chinese mobile phone. She would talk about how she cooked the pack lunch, all single-handedly.
                                                         Some three hours later, we were at Tsirang only to be embarrassed that hundreds had already queued. I volunteered to stand in the queue while mother and father duo rested in a hotel sipping over the tea. I regularly checked on them to see if all was alright and more so to spy if father was drinking! He has that nasty habit. He would explain me about the car sickness if i catch him drinking. 
Moving at a snail's pace, it took another four hours in the queue to finally get the glimpses of those sacred objects of Buddha & co that was brought all the way from India.
 "Joba joba joensh la", the cop shouted at us sternly. Within a minute we were out of that famed hall that housed all those important relics. I wished if i got another round but that was not possible since thousands had already lined up by that time.
"What did you see?", i teased Choden. She gave her frozen quizzical smile. "What did you see?", she returned back.
 I tossed a 50 Nu. at a donation box that supposedly boasted of some chorten construction somewhere.
There were other forms of donations to be made if one was too forgiving but i had to with hold all those attachments temporarily.
We hurried back to Norbuling, the other side of Maukhola, also the blind spot of DPT and PDP governments! Things are different at this side but that is another story.