Sunday, July 21, 2013

All is not well?

Soon after the ominous 13th, we were greeted with "gun salutation" in Chuzergang, a few kilometers from my place. The DPT fanatics must have tossed some beers at its specious timing. Choden had asked me accusingly,"What now?".
"This is nothing!", i consoled her like an enlightened Mahasiddhi. With volatile situation such as this and at such close proximity, i need to bare my chest and assume nothing discordant happened. After a day or two, the teacher colleague surrendered the single bullet that penetrated through 40 mm CGI sheet of his house. Without much chaos. I had told him that i had wanted a bullet not in my chest but around my neck as a sungki.

Now it looks like the whole election process was farce and was marred with malpractices as we hear. While the PDP is "cautiously" celebrating behind the closed doors, the pudding is brewing up in DPT cauldron. Understandably, the humiliating defeat had logically pushed the DPT to misanthropy and disharmony and has almost crept into most of our senior citizens who head most of our bureaucratic shelves.Even the erstwhile BBS tries to maintain laudable neutrality with DPT overtones, while the RCSC treads with measured echo of DPT remnants! Indeed, many of our officials at upper echelons are still recuperating from the shock  at the loss of their crony DPT. On the other hand, the innocent public were made to portray as if they would have to pay heavy price for their voting misadventure. As we can see, the government is held at ransom by some sections of people but what we do not see is how ignoble are our lofty aims. Often we have heard about but bubble reputations!
Seriously,where did we err? Was it PDP's over-spiced promises? Was it the dichotomy between theory and practice of DPT? The least any non-supreme human can do is respect the verdict that majority of our population made. In our contemporary time, it is a rare feat to boast of 66% voters turnout.

On a lighter side, we are almost done with the mid-term results with our students. As i corrected the papers, i was more than humiliated to find so many answers that my students wrote. I permitted myself a hearty laugh when one of my fourth graders answered the last part of the question wishing them "Happy Summer Vacation". He assumed it to be a question and had answered,"No, it is very hot and warm. I not like"!