Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long week end...from Teacher's forum

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We inagurated one of the most cherished maneuveres of our school yesterday:consecration of Jambayyang Lhakhang. The venerable Tang Rinpoche and his Trulku son did all the ceremony befitting of our year-long struggle. Towards the afternoon, there was Jambayyang Wang for the students and people who religiously gathered in our school. Infact, just as lazy as i am, i have lost the track of day and da...te but it is holiday for us. Series of holidays: Jakar Tshechu,Trakar Tshechu,11 NOvember,Jambay Lhakhang Mewang. So i have timed my activities in such a way that i get enough measures of work and fun.
I would have to prepare question paper for class V,science. I have hinted them in no uncertain terms that questions would be "very tough" to which most of them shrieked repraochfully.
Number 2: Take bath!!:). I fail in this department too. Not that i like being dirty. I am clean-freak! But because it is cold, i often let go my bath routine with excuses. Before that, i gotta fix my window in the bathroom. It has been half broken since the beginning of the year and honestly i have never given a thought to fix it till an elderly neighbour hinted that he could see half of my family's "au naturel" through it! Sensing potential threat, i temporarily used an old shirt to shut down further views that i thought was not censored!
At number 3: Washing. I have always been a lazy family man. I am going to break that record straight this time. I have suggested Choden to pile up all the heavy clothings so that i can handle it and leave her free for the timebeing. I even recommended her for a healthy vacation from kitchen but she wont still trust my cookery skills.
At number 4, comes the arrangement for the Tshechu. I would have to first go the bank and zero my balance there before trying to embark on a Tshechu and that would leave me in hazardous situation since i have another duty to reach Gelephu HSS for the practical examinations. So as of now, i might have to convince my kids about the nuisances of Tshechu but i am aware they wont listen to it:))
Oh hold on, i forgot the list...i tell you i have enough work to do than enjoy during this break...but i would often update my fellow friends if only you will...:)

good day teachers..!
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