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Sine the results were declared in my school i thought i could write something about it although it might not interest much of the friends here. Lemme be controversial before concluding anything substantial: These days it is more difficult to fail than to pass!
On an average, students performed relatively well in Dzongkha except in one of the lower classes where the Lopen has been purposely too th...rifty with his continuous assessment marks. No questions. Overall, students in Chumey had more difficulty in tackling their mathematical skills than subjects like history and geography. In Science subjects, students fared better in biology and physics than in chemistry(ironic that i teach chemistry!! He he). One of the best subjects that students scored well above expectations is IT. It is wonderful that students did better in it than any other subjects just as it is indicative for us to understand learning by doing is more fruitful than just Jug-and-Mug Thoery.
Those who opted for Vocational Skills too performed exceedingly well although i could not quite understand their mode of examinations and assessment as well, while the students sticking with Economics too faithfully lagged behind at an alarming average of just above 35!
In my class (10 C), none of the students failed even though the marks most of them scored in the written exams were shamelessly pathetic. All of them scored high in thier continuous assessment. In another class that i teach(class 5), just two students couldnt pass, while in class 6 most of them failed in Dzongkha. Classes 3 and below, it was more of oral examinations where even the most freaking naughty boy could boast of his oratory skills and bug down his teachers with surprises! That is all folks. I got a presentation this saturday to be made on
Mid-Term Result Analysis to rest of my colleagues.
My son Dawa failed quite miserably in maths. He looked at me with wonderment and disbelief while i stared at him more with amusement. Back at home, i thought of lashing him but the teacher in me couldnt do so. Instead i cut down his outings and TV viewing. He now looks outta his window while his freinds play games outside!
I nearly forgot, i have a list of about more than 10 students who were caught copying in the examinations still pending for actions against thier mal-practices. The Principal felt that we must decide about it on this coming saturday when all of us would be in the Meeting. I have been convinced now as an Examination Secretary that students did copy so profusely without our knowledge. At one instant, a gutsy fella from class 8 had 3 fully written quire-papers tucked inside his Hemchu. Most of the students found it too safe to take copies attached to thier calculators while few students had copies written boldly on thier tighs! Ah, this has become so cancerous in my school that i really wanted to go for serious actions. Things are complicated these days. Beat a student, he runs away from the school. You are left alone feeling much of the guilt to that childish response. The irony is that, the country at large expects better students graduating from each teacher. Sherig Lyonpo would gleam with utmost pride if we gave him GNH-students and value-laden students. Passing and failing is just a matter of thinking, teachers! Ironic mosssh?!!
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