Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tenth..

Who could remember but a Tigers' Day? I do not even remember my own birthday. However, i force myself to believe that i must have been born under pleasant signs for no obvious reason.
 Personally, it struck me with stupid surprise when the whole bunch of boisterous delegates all over Bhutan convened in our School to celebrate the Tigers Day(29th July). But that is expected in a School such as mine where we have avuncular management writhing under palliative care!
And yesterday, the much awaited midterm results were hastily declared, more than a month since the completion of midterms. I bet there is no other School in Bhutan that hasn't given away the results later than my school. But this school boasts of 10th position in the national rank(year 2011). The ranking hit its hysterical low this year(35th). Nobody talked about it. They talk only of the 10th. :)
There is start similarity between JYT's sale of GNH philosophy to the outside world and the 10th position! When more than half the population suffered, JYT had the audacity of touring the world delivering his well-rehearsed GNH speeches. When even the tiniest of any activity goes topsy-turvy, the school can still linger at its accidental position .
Talking of the results, 52% passed from my class(IV A). Most of them had failed in Dzongkha, one of the major subjects. In general, some 700 plus managed to sail through while 200 plus failed. Isn't that quite a number? When all other schools try and promote as much students as possible, here is one which is bent so much on detaining students.
Personally, i achieved just average. My daughter and nephew passed while my son and niece failed. No wonder, both of them failed in single subject(Dzongkha). There is nothing to say much. When a students scoring 17 can pass and 19 can fail, when Dzongkha I and II combined together can give one an average of 42, the candidate still gets failed in both Dzo papers in the result sheet, there is no good in it.
I raised the issue of coherent award of Ongoing marks in the recent meeting but it fell onto deaf years. They had this reputed system all these years!

(hmm..there are 101 issues but i wont delve into details.)


  1. JYT was a leader of the nation. As head of the state it is his responsibility to deliver about GNH when almost all people around the globe yearn for change in development paradigm.

    I think it is the common responsibility of the teachers to inspire students to study Dzongkha.

  2. Thanks for the comments..i wud wish to differ but not here:) Thanks for the visit.

  3. no comments on JYT but CA is important I feel, though along with many others i fail to keep proper record.

  4. I wanted to talk much about CA but in non-receptive environment, there is small use for that. I agree with you Nobu sir. Do keep writing:)