Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where are our Toms??

I had really wanted to write on this topic but it never hit me harder than yesterday.  As usual the annual exams for the students are in full swing and there are so many things to do before i finally call it a year. So i was on duty in one of the classes to invigilate while the students wrote their exam. Just as i entered the room, the students stood up to greet me. I let them sit and informed them to make themselves comfortable. Ofcourse, exam time is not the fittest of the comfortable times. It is more than a war for the students during the exams.
             In my room, there were 36 girls and 6 boys. Easy to handle, i thought myself. With girls,with due respect to all our female species, you just have to use small tricks to control them. With boys, you really need muscle to deal with them. Boys are disruptive even on their death bed!
                                           Well, my subject of interest is the ratio between boys and girls. Gone are those days when we rarely saw girls taking up the reins. In my primary school, there were about six girls in my class. There were only two girls in my 3-year B.Sc course. I didn't get to turn at them even during my sick days since both of them had their boyfriends.
              Look at the trend now. The ratio is almost reversing. Enter any classroom, you should not be amused to see more girls than boys. It is a girls' world. Blame your mating misadventure for female foetus, but things doesn't look as bright as it was. Not that i am a misogynist. I love girls:)
                        Seriously, our world is going to be more peaceful 50 years hence. You wouldn't expect being attacked by women armies too often. I would love to elaborate the implications of self-framed
"Ratio Reversal" in another post. I tried to put up few pictures that i have presently to bring out the difference.
Find out the boys

Who is the weaker one?
who are the chaperones?

boys or girls?
Can you do that?:)

trust me for the future?:)
see how many male here?
through my lens!


  1. really is it difficult to deal with boys? And I contemplate on your thought of peaceful world with more girls.... :p

  2. Nice post. Keep posting sir. Hope you are doing good.

  3. Thanks for the visit Sangay Cholden. I can co-exist very meaningfully with all the female species:)
    Thank you also to Dumcho Wangdi. Here is my sales pitch: Visit Again!:)