Sunday, June 24, 2012

The National Tragedy..

The irony behind the fire in WangduePhodrang Dzong is that it occured at the height of monsoon.  It  rained incessantly at Chumey and as i drove to the town with Lop Sonam, i had talked to him the following: Now it looks like the real monsoon has hit us. Ofcourse,he agreed with me. But far from being true, as i listened to various updates, it seemed otherwise. There was not a single raindrop during entire the inferno at Wangue Dzong. How sad!
 I was agonised to hear that such a monumental history could be razed down to ashes with in hours. I called up my mother at Gelephu to see if she heard the news. "Yalama, for real?", she wouldn't believe me for sometime.
So this is where we stand. We fail to preserve the history that we inherited. Alas, the degenerative times!
Personally, i have always considered Wangduephodrang Dzong more spectacular than any other Dzongs despite its rich historical background. That is a history again. Perhaphs, history repeats itself.
We did hear of a similar incident about Drukgyel Dzong. And, I believe most of us saw similar incident in Taktsang too. Now we see this.
Today i woke up earlier than my usual bell. Infact i had wanted to read updates from friends notably from PaSsu, who i thought would never fail to update his blog. I saw some incredible photos of the fire from his blog. And few more pictures of Old WangdueDzong from another serious blogger in Mr.Dorji(of Butterfly fame!). They do commendable jobs in highlighting serious thoughts.
 Hmm, as i write this painfully, i am half nervous about the Examinations that is going on in my School. I called my Vice Principal to ask whether or not we should continue with our exams. She had informed me to see if students are present. I hung up my cell and looked for the keys to Exam room of my school....

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  1. It is a huge loss to the country. We are failing miserably to preserve the historic and priceless monuments. As you have pointed, yes we are living in the degenerative times. How sad. You can find a raw footage of the incident on my blog too