Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Midterm Break.

I let my fingers unfettered in my blog after successfully completing computer workshop today. I am glad that i could avail this opportunity while most of my other friends lazed their midterm break. The good thing about attending CRP workshop is that you get free lunches, tea and biscuits. I and my like-minded friends, have like-minded appetite for free stuffs. We competed regularly not in the class but during the lunch time.
All in all, it was fruitful attending the 10-day workshop in computer.
Emboldened by it, i wanted to revamp my dull-looking blog. I requested Choden not to disturb me for sometime since i would be busy decorating my blog! Now you see, how it has changed? The black template that you see in my header is due to a beautiful sunset picture at Norbuling captured during the last winter. God knows why it became all mighty black! And dont ask why the header template lengthened more than usual. I wish i knew how to undo it.
Finally, here i am, defeated as before. I withdrew my enthusiasm to decorate my blog.
I dont really know what to write about at this time. I had nothing interesting during my break than to learn computer basics. We covered quite a load of topics in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and so on. I wanted to go Gelephu and have some time with my parents but mom dissuaded me from it. She warned me of the incessant rain and how Norbuling has been cut off with communication these days. Just a day before we have heard of some unfortunate man being carried away by the river while he tried to cross it. There wasn't much furore about it since it happened in a remote gewog in some southern district. If similar incidences did, by fluke, occur in a district like Bumthang or Thimphu or Paro, the whole personnel from the Gyelpoi Zimpon's office would have rushed to console the bereaved family. But it was a touching sight that our beloved HM did grant an audience with the Late Gopa's family.
At this time, the rivers in south have become menacingly ferocious. But there is little one can do to avoid it and that is why you would see the NA and NC representatives from Gelephu warming up their chairs mutely. There is no use crying foul against nature's wrath. Come winter, those rivulets would once again dry up while the Maukhola would have some bamboo across her curve. They lovingly call it a "Bridge"!
That cyclic fashion has worked for more than half a century.
Therefore, i promised my parents that i would visit them during the winter but not this time. I am more curious following news about Higg's particle than risk my life crossing that cocky Maukhola!

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