Monday, September 10, 2012

At Home...

I availed my leave today since i felt sickly. As i woke up today, i felt too defeated and i bet, most of us have had this experience of being bogged down by the seasonal cough and cold. I had to cleanse my throat by gurgling with a glass of steaming water. I was high on temperature. My nose ran like a monsoon rivulet. I had grabbed every cloth piece at my sight and sneezed away those loosely sticky mucus while Choden had looked at me with bewilderment. I requested her to write my leave application to which she denied. 
"You will learn!", i cajoled her.
"I dont want to learn", pat came the reply.
 "I am too sick to write anything", i moaned at her. 
Moments later, she came up with a paper and a pen and gave it to me. "Here! Write it yourself. Principal might know my handwriting!"
Today,she is tending to two patients at home. Sera and i. While i dont make much fuss since i am a matured father now but Sera does. She would ask hot water now and then. She would want her mom to be beside her every minute! In the living room,she would lie on the Sofa complaining about her sickness while i would lie on the Diwan adjacent to her complaining about my runny nose. Sometimes when we accidently cross our eyes, she would giggle at my sickness. I pretend as if my headache would blow off any time. She is watching TV just now while i am trying to update my blog since i haven't written anything during the last sunday.
Infact, i had wanted to write about things happening around here but there isn't anything worth sharing except gas cylinders!
Regarding the gas cylinders, i am amused to find out how difficult it has become to refuel the gas. Couple of days back, i had to wake up at 2.30 am and drive some 20 km to the nearest gas station since we got the information that the cylinders have arrived in the town. Waking up at 2.30 am and driving more than 20 km just for the sake of buying a gas?! When i reached the station, i was surprised to see a curly line of empty cylinders already in the queue. My position was at 107! Luckily, on that day, there were two trucks with filled cylinders and finally when i got the refilled cylinder, i was overcome with victory. I smiled to the less fortunate people who have lined up in hundreds behind me.
Perhaps, they should learn to wake up early, i thought to myself.  I pitied their sleeping habits! 
It was 10.30 am by that time. I had to call my Principal to grant me casual leave.  

That is all, folks! Good day:)


  1. What? 107? Yikes, I better use less gas lol.

  2. Use candles, Thanks for visiting,Sabrina. I thought u would not visit my blog:)