Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Thrue Baab Celelbration

Frankly speaking, i didn't know the actual time of Thrue Baab this year. I stayed glued for an hour with the BBS but they didn't say anything about it. So i asked my mother if she knew when the Thrue Baab was since she never forgets to listen to the Radio especially during her morning break from the chores. She didnt know too. She was disheartened that the BBS(Radio) didn't inform anything on that and i thought it was an intentional lapse from the government.(Remember, Thrue Baab once got erased from the list of National Holidays?)
So, I woke up early and took bath(hot water!) and did shout "Thri, thri ,thri.." . Wanting to sound more cultural, i opened the window in my bathroom and as i poured warm water on my head shouted "Thri ,thri...". Choden warned me that i was disturbing the whole colony. I loved that idea. Afterall, Thrue Baab comes once in a year and all the Thrue Baabs, i have always celebrated it with victory.
For the breakfast,there was ceremonial "Thuep" session where 4 of us sat cross-legged on the floor in a tiny circle and had our pudding. 
I put up my Khuru on the "Choesham" and urged it to ask blessings so that i would hit dozens of Khareys! I hit two, one of it got nullified since one of the opponents also hit the target. "So, you hit five times yesterday night huh??!", i kidded with my opponent who went on too regular with his Khuru. That is only the way to pull his legs and mentally divert him from hitting more on the target.
All in all, it was a great day for all of us. be continued...:)


  1. uh... some said Thrue bab was for whole one week and some said it was from 6PM 21st Sept

  2. Hmm..i didnt know that but thanks anyway for visiting. Hope all is well with you. Miss those hyderbad days!:)

  3. What is Thrue Baab mean? Blessed Rainy Day? And what's Thri Thri Thri mean? Sonam's sister was telling me to say that while I poured water over my head, but now I forgot what it means. Errr

    Happy Late Blessed Rainy Day!

  4. The rain that fell on that day were believed to cleanse away our black deeds and so the name "Blessed Rainy Day".
    In olden days, the village folks used to take bath early morning from the common stream(in the village) and shout Thri thri is just a ceremonial celebration of the Thrue Baab.:)
    I wish you come to my office for more details, lol.