Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exam Time

Finally we had to chew our own tongue that had gratified GNH more than anything. Firstly, it teaches us that not all is well in our concept that the whole world can be ruled with a simple yet dreamy concept of GNH. Secondly, it reminds the leaders especially the Lyonchen Rinpoche that he has more homework in his country than abroad. Thirdly, we are left exposed of our own wounds than happiness. To the world, Bhutan is not still ready to get her berth in an organisation of global importance. 
Despite all odds,i nearly drew parallels with the Hitler's bluff of conquering the World (during WW-II) and our DPT's readiness to acquire membership in the UN Security Council. No doubt, S.Korea deserves that berth more than any country even though she joined the UN some two decades later than Bhutan. Thanks due to Opa Gangnam Style! Now the next ruling party should first try writing some good songs before lobbying for global seats, probably some B-Pop! 
I believe that the Opposition Leader rightly said that it could come more of a burden than help if Bhutan ever got her membership in UNSC.
Back at home, as the year is drawing its end closer, i have been quite busy. The Annual Examinations had started in my School two days back. Two students were charged for malpractices in the examinations and one another separate but a bold girl of class VII abetting help by writing the letter for a class IV student. As an exam Secretary, i had to call them to my chamber and explain them how stressed i was at their behaviours. 
Also, since i had applied for the transfer, i have been vaguely making plans about my new place probably to the south. I have had enough of alpine goods and i bet i am like a Bjob, both in look and in deed. Come next year, i would be basking in the cool temperate zone around Gelephu while my colleagues here would be warming up their hands around their Bhukaris. But there isn't any words about the transfer as of now. Fingers crossed:)
And again, nothing for the winter vacation. The BCSEA informed that i was too old for them to do any corrections. None of the curriculum officers would let me know if there is any workshops in Science subjects.
I had to convince Choden that this year is our last year at Bumthang and if she had anything to bid goodbye, she should better do so. She didn't like that idea. Parting has always been hard for my family as for most of us.


  1. It was a very interesting and bold remark on DPT's move for Bhutan's seat in the UNSC. I like "the Lyonchen Rinpoche " ha ha ha...
    Exam duties are boring, the worst comes after them, the correction.
    Nice post Sonam Sir.

  2. Please remove the verification that says I have to prove I am not a robot if you can. nobu

  3. Thank you for the comment Nobu. I was out of station for almost 2 weeks and havent had chance to open my computer. How i missed it:)
    I didn't understand your second comment but surely will ask my friends about it. Warm wishes sir.