Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Last Tshechu!

We witnessed the last of our Tshechu today: ChumeyPang Tshechu. Interestingly, the small lhakhang at ChumeyPang(also Chundepang) was originally bequeathed to Lam Pemala, the cheif abbot of Nyimalung. I needn't talk about the late Lam Pemala anything more because he was a Druk Thugsey medal winner and one of the best learned Bhutanese monk. After he passed away, the community offered their Lhakhang to Tang Rinpoche. The Tang Rinpoche spent more than five years to renovate the small dilapidated Lhakhang into the present one. Co-inciding with the Lhabab Duechen, the new Lhakhang was inaugurated with a fitting ceremony. Attended by Lyonchen and Sanam Lyonpo, the inaugural day also saw the presence of Kathok Situ Rinpoche(?), Gyelsthen tulku along with Tang Rinpoche himself and also his two sons reportedly to be of very great Tulku themselves.
The Kesar Cham stole the show of the day accompanied by Choden who was in her best attire:)
Here are the few pictures that i thought you might like to see:
Inaugural Dance

The younger of the Tulkus inaugurating the Cham

Lord Buddha Overlooking the Cham

Zhingshey pema Dance

Zhingshey Pema Dance, the far right is the Rinpoche's daughter.

I with Choden minus money:)

Kesar Cham

The elder Tulku as a Kesar of Ling

With my beloved lopen Soanm in the centre.
I had wanted to elaborate more on this Tshechu but in the interest of time i have abstained from doing so.


  1. Sonam Sir. Lhakhang, dance and people, they all look amazing. I would like to see the dances and festival myself someday....

    thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures...

  2. The Tshechu started this year only. Few years later, i think you would have your time to visit and watch the entire Tshechu.
    Thanks for the comments:)

  3. I hope you have washed and shed all your sins after watching Tshechu.
    Did you apply lipstick or is it to blame the to munch?

  4. Well Doc, i am a clean-freak! As of coldness, it was doma that did appear too btn, how are you buddy?