Saturday, April 6, 2013

Captain and I

"Who is the Class Captain?", i yelled at them so that they could hear me. I had substitution in class PP since the teacher was on leave that day. Their response surprised me.
"Nga iin La", they raised their hands in unison.
 Amused, i asked them,"15 captains in a class?!".
A tiny but talkactive boy came forward and announced, "I am the real captain, sir". Intimidated by his claim, others came forward and each one of them pleaded to be the real captain! I felt guilty for having asked that unimportant question.
In the midst of that chorus, a girl came much closer, pulled my arms and uttered in sharchop that she was the real captain. "Aye, i knew it was you!", i answered her. Then, another boy came forward and uttered as if in oracular trance that there aint any captains in the class. He raised his hands near my face and his fingers fluttered like  prayer flags, in dismissal!
"Alright, go back to your seats", i asked all of them. "I do not want captains", i gave up my research of finding the leader in class PP. :(
It was like herding some 30 cattle in a meadow surrounded by maize field! A boy boxes another, one of them steps on another's feet, a group shouts while playing game with their desk-mates, some play, shooting paper-planes in the class etc etc. No sooner did the bell ring than i left their class without even looking back at them. "Too tough to handle them", i thought, being defeated at my own strength.

Life has come full circle and i am back in the class teaching those same stuffs for the N th time. Brighter students bring smiles. It makes me a part of their achievement. Dull ones, on the other hand, is more challenging to handle but i do survive at the end of the day. I am convinced that at one point of their life, these students would shine too. I possessed my metallic lustre quite late in life, i gave them my example. Lol.

Choden is back to square one, charting out loads of action plan for this year. I often offer my hand in her office(kitchen!) and help her in her vegetable garden. I lecture her on organic farming, hybridisation and garden ethics.
Same thing, again and again. And again.
Kids are catching up with the new place and their friends.
All in all, it is good to be in a new place, for a change, atleast.


  1. Sonam Sir,

    i already went through your earlier post. It was such a fun and refreshing to go through. I bet u will have good time time. Dadgari is not a bad place once you get familiar. Of all the things, i was thrilled to read about your plan to ship through Mao Khola....Please do not forget to take camera along and get some shots... I would like to see....

    till then have a nice time. My rgds to your family.....and best wishes. :)


    1. Good suggestion PSN. I intend to grab those state-of-art bridge
      erected across the Mao OCEAN! :)
      Thanks for visiting. Keep good at your side.

  2. Ha ha ha I am the real captain sir,
    PP would be such a fun.
    My Aunty has been teaching PP for last 30 years and she still asks for PP classes only, which comes as a surprise to any school she goes.

    Posts from your new place are only few, why?

    1. I would like to admire your aunt for taking PP for all those years. Man, i tell you, it aint easy to deal with those small kids.
      Hmm..i got my net connection quite late since i had to first settle myself in this new place but i bet, i would try to update usually as i did earlier.
      Warm wishes.