Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things at Home

I played good Samaritan yesterday by presenting Choden with a female feline. Atleast now, we have  harmonious promotion of both the sexes at home though we lack it in our National Council. But how can we trust our people.
We fondly named her Sissy, the name that my daughter coined in an unceremonious way. I had to defer to her superior knowledge about names!
Talking of that tiny cat, she has more missions than NASA. I had assumed that Sissy would captain over our store to battle with the rats that play havoc time and again. I hadn't realised how nasty these rats were until recently when they munched my boxers in drawer C. Choden said that it was a bad omen. I said that it was an unwashed boxer that they attacked!
Now, sissy is desired to tackle those problems lest she be sent to an orphanage. The other enemy that she have to rid is frogs. I am unsure whether a cat loves frogs, but sissy is expected to keep frogs on her top menu and make a palatable dish out of it. The third in line, that requires the attention of her arboreal strength is, ofcourse, lizards. It has filled me with creepy fear after my mother informed that lizards' poohs are deadly poisonous and can be truly fatal. Cats loves lizards like we love chickens.:)
If it were not for those reasons, sissy has no rooms here.

Back to School scenes. Nothing impressive. We are learning hard about different types of substances in Class four. I usually ask them questions. They give me wrong answers mostly. I twist their ears for each mistake they make but they are relentless to learn.
"So, you can not still spell it?", i nearly shout at Tshering. She brings her ears as usual. I twist it as i bite my lips with disgust. "Thank you, sir", she would mutter timidly and hurry back to her desk. These kids, they would even thank me for spanking them!
We talk about the next substances: Gases. I tell them there are different types of gases and name them. I teach them that each gas its own typical odour. "You should be able to distinguish the common gases from its smell", i preach them. Simple. Differentiate those gases from its smell. "You should be able to smell those gases and tell whether it is ammonia or Hydrogen sulphide or the gas from your friends"!
They look accusingly at eachother.
"Yes sir", they chorus back like a battalion in a morning drill.:)


  1. Always a pleasure to read your interesting posts. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you dear karma for your comments. I read your new entry about the Ben10 and kinderjoys. I can only nod in acceptance with your oservations. Gud going buddy:)

  3. good to know that you are still writing. i love to read what you write. keep posted and will read often.