Saturday, April 14, 2012

"I was born intelligent.."

"I was born intelligent but education system ruined me!", a teacher friend bragged yesterday. I let out my sarcastic smile. As i continued writing my lesson plan, i was struck by the steely edge of his unassuming declaration. "Did you tell it by yourself", i asked him. "Did you really mean it??". He laughed at me and insisted "Yes!".
I closed by lesson plan and explained him that his 'line' was quite intimidating inspite of his disproportionate claims of his 'intelligence'.
"I was born intelligent but education system ruined me", i found myself repeating the lines long after he left. The teacher in me vehemently rejected whatever he said in his playful insistance but on a second thought, i was inhibited by fear of being true. What if it was true?? As a teacher, that could be the last thing that one might like to hear at the end of the day.
 I thought of my own birth. There were signs all around! He he. Aye, i remember being intelligent when i was young!:). Well, did i get spoilt due to education? Hmm..that is a tough call. As i write this post,i am still wondering if i was nurtured wrongly by my school.
Seriously, humans are intelligent. Much beyond our normal comprehension, we blame the systems surrounding us if anything went against our wishes! I suppose most of us had heard by this time about the recent incident in a private school. A faulty system indeed. It sent cold shivers down my spine at the thoughts of being mauled by my students' parents. How bold. Ofcourse i read dozens of frustrations poured by our fellow teachers around the country and i thought what next? I had wanted to call on for a boycott by highlighting it in FB and Bhutan Teachers' Forum since most of the teachers are accessible via these social media. When Anna Hazare could gather 1000s of fellow citizens through calls via internet, why cant i?
How about fasting? Who cares! Honestly, i would love to fast if i had a certified Dietitian at my bedside!
All in all, it was disturbing to hear about such incident in our peaceful country. I only wish our system to get over it with good conclusions. It is high time our Sherig Lyonpo rolled up his sleeves and go for 'actions' than those poetry from his desk!
Apart from all these hustle and bustle, i had another one in my own home. Choden and i called few of our close friends and had a small celebration to mark our daughter's 5th birthday. At one time i had kidded her about our next child since five years is quite a good time for her to recover biologically. She had blushed at the suggestion.:).
Also, few days before,we had our team of budding scientists sent to Takse MSS for regional Science Exhibition. As a science teacher, i was involved too in that process. We had a model to sensitise Global Warming, an improvised reaction that prepared bars of soap(!), and a simple physics that generated electricity without trouble. We bagged fifth position!
That is all for today..cheers!


  1. Hey sonam,
    you are born intelligent no doubt...
    keep posting beautiful articles...

  2. sir keep posting such beautiful to read..:)

  3. TY Tshering Tamanng and yeshi..the first line of the above post were not mine really and is not associated with me:). It was said by one of my friends that let me to think over..thanks for the comments.