Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green Sunday...

Post UNICEF-Teacher drama, i was more than annoyed to say the least, to hear that the case had been withdrawn under mysterious circumstances. They say it is "mutual understanding" and both the individuals had win-win situation. I hope surely so. The Dr.Strength had regretted his 'Bend It My Way' reactions despite the diplomatic immunity that he is boastfully tagged with while, the teacher dear is recovering quicker than you can imagine from toothless toothache! Indeed, only one of them played the game and there is no loser in such series. Now,the MoE is more than happy, since the case has been resolved amiably before the Aum Secretary could poke her nose in that shitty business. Afterall, if bigwigs are arrogantly involved, the process of dispensing justice is twice troubleth!:) It troubles him that seeks and him that gives! Mercy. He he he. So we wrap it in our Bhutanese way: talk local and act global! Time to go for green actions.
There has been hush hush talks from the MoE about the corporal punishment to be re-inducted not in its original form but of 'some' form. I and the teachers alike, would never prosper from this "some" sum. Honestly, the critical truth in this nemesis is that things have changed. These days we have dogs with attitudes, we have students nursing faulty potty-habits and what is more, we have prodigal parents, highly spendthrift in physical combats! Truly, time has changed. No way? Yes,i do remember the line from Kathang Duep : Time doesnt change, but people change. Hmmm..there is nothing permanent as change. Small things have become more sensitive than global issues. People wouldnt mind global warming. Today is Earth Day, mind you! They wouldnt mind discarding plastics on the streets. They wouldnt mind spitting Doma on the whitewashed walls. But tell them what brand of shoes your neighbour wear, they are woken up!
Well, did i say you about the Earth Day? I had told Choden about it and she was puzzled as usual. "Earth ghi birthday ya?", she asked me.  Mashey..!
 The UNESCO club Co-ordinators(they are teachers devoid of diplomatic immunity unlike Dr.Shukhrat from the UNICEF) in my school had requested every students to come with an empty plastic bottle on monday. This would leave some 800 plastic bottles less, on our mother earth in Chumey.Big fuss with plastics. Whoever invented it? Necessary Evil. As a self-proclaimed enthusiast in organic chemistry, i can not but share you this piece:The patent#942699 was first granted in 1909, in favour of bakelite, the first ever synthetic plastic!
For today,i framed some green actions in my home for my kids: No WaiWai, no biscuits. Sera had looked at me with disgust!:)


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  2. Wai Sonam Sir,

    Happy Earth day indeed and Ya I wish you a very happy green (sunday)day.

    You know, Its 3 pm here in Gujarat, I was respecting Sunday by taking rest. so just got up form my sweat-wet bed, thinking and knowing that its your blogging day as well!

    to tell you little about the way i felt about "Post UNICEF-Teacher drama"...I am annoyed beyond words like you do.

    I have my better half who is teacher too and I equally felt disheartened by the way the case has been dealt with. I heard from her that, aum Sec came to their school and told them NOT to Worry as the LAW is there...HUmm HUmmm....

    but you know what, I told her to be cautious. and if need be I can get her a ramboo knife for her self defence.......ha ha ...but sadly I couldn't find one either on or on i am planning to look for it in Jaigon, even if it means draining some precious Bhutanese rupees

  3. hey PSN, thanks for dropping by. It is good to know that you do commiserate with us for that recent incident. Time to enroll into self-defence class, right?:) Good day ahead , Tc