Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first School

I have never thought of going to another School from here for numerous reasons. Firstly, this was my first transfer as a teacher and the first school like your first kiss is always memorable and addictive! Secondly, house-rents are comparatively cheaper here. The quarter(government quota!) that i occupy is well furnished with complete set of furniture,Bukhari, two toilets, and a modular kitchen where Choden gladly consumes most of her time. And if need be,any length of land that i can till, freely becomes my kitchen garden. Most of the town mice can't even find enough space to dry their clothes.However, not all things are cheap. We often have to buy half-rot vegetables at double the price than in the towns. One can never get even a bar of soap at its MRP rate but that is understandable.
 Thirdly, it is the climate that i like here. When mercury soars high in the towns, it is a pleasant warm conditions here. Except for "hot" ladies, i have always had this fear-the phobia for hot conditions. Few years ago in Hyderbad, as the temperature frequently soared to half of 90 degrees, we would bunk the classes and sleep almost naked in our rented home much to the detest of our muslim landlord!
Lastly but the best reason for my stay here is, it being the hub of religious activity, the Tshechus and the holidays! Many Rinpoches and Lamas have visited my school since it is literally located on the high-way. The MPs have visited, Dashos have visisted, Lyonpos have visited and just yesterday, we were blessed once more with the visit by the HM and the Queen. It was a very great moment listening to his talks as he had asked for a formal Meeting with the teachers in the conference hall. He hinted us that he was worried mostly with the youth, the way they are to be nurtured. He also talked about disciplinary issues bothering our youth today. At the end of the meeting, he commanded that students be given holiday. Despite, he also invited all the students and Teachers to join the 'Tokha' that he is scheduled to attend tomorrow with the public of Chumey Geog. I guessed he was impressed with our humble preparations.
So here i am, trying to update my blog. I need to press my Gho. Afterwards, polish my shoes again and later, polish my old Dapa! One has to go there crystal clean with enough amenities.
Choden even suggested to take some extra Tohrrey(traditional cloth-piece where food is served)!:)
This is all i have, friends. Good day.

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