Saturday, July 14, 2012

I and my lazy times!

No doubt, i am one lazy species. During holidays, my life revolves around my laptop, Tv, food and Choden in whatever order that interests me. The heaviest outdoor activity that i force myself to do is visit our kitchen garden. I haven't contributed anything in that lush garden except for few blue prints on how to plant peas or potatoes. Choden had executed those blueprints manually without any alteration. So you wouldn't argue why it shouldn't grow so nicely.:)
Despite, i have also tried to integrate organic farming in the garden. Few months back, i have helped explain what a compost is. I even suggested vermi-compost to her but she disliked the idea since it would mean harming insects.
Well, anything that Choden does, truth be told, turn out good. I have been reminded numerous times by my freinds since college days to scrible things about my love life but i have tried to abstain from it as i don't feel too romantic as you might imagine. Moreover, few relationships that i mindlessly indulged during my youth didn't last longer than a season. But they were beautiful moments as well. I wouldn't exchange those treasures in my memory for anything else.
But now married happily with Choden, i would like to tell things about her. I know she wouldn't even know how to read this but i wanted to write badly about her all these years. Shorter than me by a half foot, she beats me in looks if anything else! Often i joke with Sera who inherited my looks but her mother's brain about her bleak future.(In my family, we have self-proclaimed ranks: Beauty queen=Choden, intelligent king=Me!!). Now you can understand why i joke with my kids.
 Infact, she is a year younger than me who dropped her education at 9th grade. Tiny she is but there is a mountain of gold in her heart like i have in my nose!
Slow, steady and relatively brighter than most housewives, she does quite a thing with hardwork. Her life revolves around her kids, me and her chores while i would indulge into passing cheeky comments in whatever she does. Often,she would forget to cook the meals while she weaves, namely Yathra. I wouldn't budge an inch. I would rather wait for her without complain than roll up my sleeves and cook! So mean huh?:)
Sometimes she goes on with her hand loom for a long time that i have to put on spurious imitation that my ulcer has suddenly captured all the battlefields in my stomach. She would then put aside her loom and warm me my tea. She would wake up early and weave again much to the regret of our sound sleeping neighbours.
She once tried her luck into that infamous Dhaka Sales. I must admit it prospered well but i didn't want her to do that either. I would cajole her that human wants are unlimited lest be satisfied. I would want her by my side for every hour while her business took her to different places compromising time with the kids and me as well. My aging mom was baffled when i said she quit Dhaka Sales. "She earned more than what you earned monthly", she chided me in a phone call. "We are not poor", i would argue with her. My mother thinks, teachers are the poorest of all civil servants!
At one time, she tried making stuffs for the school children since we stay at a close proximity to the school. She would prepare Puri, Alu Dum, Alu chop, chilli Chop etc and sell it to the school children. To be honest, i didnt like that idea again. She did that for a year and quit upon my insistence. :)
Of late, she is back into something new: Oriflame! She does all the cataloguing and calls her relatives in search of a prospective customer. She calculates each rupee of profit she would make if she sold an extra night cream to her lady friend. That gives her time. She weaves in between and sells it in the Yathra factory that is so prevalent in Chumey. In between, she tends to her garden atleast once a day! The other day, a neighbour friend suggested her,"why dont you pull up your vegetables little bit higher, it grows faster!". It was a subtle joke hinted at her incessant visits to her garden.
I had the first of my garden peas last week when Choden cooked delicious maggie for the breakfast. I wasn't aware of it till she told me about the green peas in my maggie!
So at times, i think over, why all fuss? She shouldn't be doing all these single-handedly.
At one time she wanted to put up a small hotel nearby by the school. I lied to her that i have applied transfer the coming year!
Hmm..sometimes i think of all these alone.

To be continued.....

Oh well, i have tried to put up few photos of Choden's garden: hmm..not working. I haven't saved it correctly. Next time please. :)

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