Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Pitures of my Family.

Sera, Nima and Dawa

Choden and the Sillywit!

Flexing muscles:)
Learning from Sera
sera posing up.
Dawa and Choden
Drying bananas for future:)

Hmm.. these are few photos from last winter.(I am simply trying to learn to insert images in my blog, thanks due to the recent Chiphen Rigphel workshop!)


  1. Sonam, your chest can be only compete by chicken in Chimi Dendup's coop.

  2. Sir, that was after i got discharged from a hopistal after a bout of seasonal typhoid. I have put up a lot more muscles since then! He he.
    I looked for your updates, you havent done it. Hope you do it sooner. Wishes.

  3. JB, good to see ur family pics.. I was in Bumthang ;last time and had a glimpse of us. couldn't stop as u were heading somewhere and so was I.. Hope all is well.. Keep u blog going!