Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Discounts?

The Trial Exams for class X will start tomorrow. Teacher colleagues had been busy trying to cover up their syllabus before the exams because after the Trial there are lots of Tshechus coming up that would compromise our usual classes: Jakar Tshechu, Takar Tshechu, Chumeypang Tshechu and the famous Jambay Lhakhang Tshechu!
I bet Bumthang gets the highest number of local holidays in Bhutan and that gives me reason to prolong my stay here:) Students here lose many number of instructional days but that do not bother a single soul. These days, they want more holidays with less class. The other day, a 10th grade girl student had put up her leave application stating that she is having "hole body pain"! I couldn't but laugh out loud at her funny spelling. Few weeks hence, she is going to write her board exams. No wonder.
Talking of the holidays, a group of teacher enthusiasts have planned to go Neykhor during the Jakar Tshechu. I got myself enrolled in that package since i have always wanted to visit Gangtey. Despite, i tell you, it is cheap to visit religious sites with friends. At one time, i have tried to gather support from my friends to chalk out pilgrimage to Dharamsala and meet the Dalai Lama. I had badly wanted to discuss with  His Holiness about his controversial ban of Dorji Shugden and the Gyalwa Karmapa and also about his rebirth. The plan failed miserably. Every TDH can't simply meet the Dalai Lama. In Buddhism, it is pre-destined that we meet any Lama. More so, it is all literally written down even before we claim our birth. Karma?! Remember it?:)
Back at Chumey, cold has crept in.  The lush bushes are slowly peeling off its greenery to the cold while the people around are busy chopping their winter firewood. Choden had regained her health and has been working doubly to catch up with things while i cheered her up at her speed. She had disappeared since morning to pulverize the dried chilli(Abchi). I had refused to render help since you know, i am very allergic to powder and especially to dried chilli powders. He he.
The kids are watching the TV with much happiness. Mind you, i had my broken TV repaired from the town last sunday. It cost me exactly nu.1200/-
"No discounts?", i had blurted out sheepishly. " It was a very difficult job", the mender had confessed to me. He explained me what was troubling my TV. I wasn't interested to listen how sincerely he repaired my TV.
"Really no discounts?", i asked him again. My experience have always taught me to repeat bargains. Sometimes people do succumb to your repeated pleas. Only the politicians would not budge an inch but all others do yield to your requests!
"Oh no. No bargain sir!", he answered back.

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