Saturday, October 20, 2012

Small Talks

It is going to be a long break for us thanks due to Jakar Tshechu.  Contrary to what i posted in my last week about the pilgrimage, i had to give in to greater roles back at home. Despite, it sounded too selfish on my part to embark on a pilgrimage while Choden and kids remained indoors. Well, if it is enlightenment, it is for all my family. Afterall, Buddha never taught to enlighten yourself and just fly away. I believe i would be forgiven for this small venial sin against Dharma but truly, it is about forgiving that Buddhism can ever boast so powerfully. In muslim community, if u raped a girl, you would lose your head before 24 hours. That is the price for your sin. In Christian community, if you did that, thou shall be hung before long. In Buddhism if you did that, the community would commiserate with the victim about her bad karma!
We forgive so much in the name of Buddha and dharma. At times, i think it is due to our religion that most of the Buddhist nations are underdeveloped. We do not question much about anything since we are so magnanimous with whatever mis-doings that happen around. We do not much question our government but question our own shotcomings. We do not question our politicians but you will be questioned about
 self-discipline if you go on making comments to them. We do not punish most of the petty offenders since we give them second chance to renew themselves. In the long run, we spoil our own systems.
We do not even question the God about why he shouldn't come down on earth and do needful than watching it so miserably from above!

So here i am again bridging the broken links. I had wanted to discontinue this post but you know i cant just stop pouring out my nonsense. I realized that it was my birthday yesterday.So it was quite depressing that i got warm wishes on that day from friends far and near though i am thankful to all of them. Frankly speaking, my birth day is disputable.:). It dates back to the times when i had to appear Board exams(Class Six). The Class Teacher has asked about our birth dates so as to fill in the forms from the BBE. I didn't know my date. He wrote it 22/10, the date on which the form was filled up. Since then, i celebrated that day thanks due to that Keralite of some Kutty species.:)

My mother and father were born on the same date. The people who prepared their Identity cards couple of years ago did that magic! I bet most of the senior citizens from the village have same date: 1/1/19..
For them and for me who have aged, it matters small. I do not remember having cut a single birthday cake. He he. Back in the college, i would invite my close friends and my girlfriend for a dinner on October 22nd have good time for ourselves. However, things are different now. My daughter wants to celebrate her birthday grandly. She would hand us a list of things she needs during her birthday and another list of friends who should be invited without fail. The very next day, she would ask when would be her next birthday with her sheepish smile!

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