Saturday, October 6, 2012

Repairing At Home..

Cross-legged on my chair, my chin rested on my palm and looking at my blank screen, i was thinking about what to post in my blog today. Almost an hour. Choden had asked me what i was doing blinking at the blank  screen to which i had replied, "I am working!". She drew her face long before i shooed her away. "I cant work when people keep me under watch", i confessed.
"Are you repairing the TV?", she asked as she left to the kitchen without even waiting for the answer. 
Oh yes. The TV. I remember then that our TV had broken down since a week ago and i had promised her that i could repair it. No doubt.
 At the nearest electronic repair shop, you would have to cough up few hundred bucks even to fix up your old radio. So i was trying to engage myself in healthy saving scheme by volunteering to repair every malfunctional electronic gadget peacefully at home.
Frankly speaking,the boiler had broken down a year ago. I had put that repair in my waiting list since we regularly use Bhukari and we get enough hot water without even missing the boiler. The rice cooker had broken down too. No kidding! I had convinced her to use the new cooker since it was lying without use since its arrival in our home. "I would repair it soon", i had promised her. More than half the electrical sockets in our home is non-fuctional!(Functional?). To each one of them, i had looked at dolefully and hinted about the promising comeback after i fix it up with my screw-drivers.
The very laptop that i am using right now, can't be closed. If i accidently did that, it would not open up for almost a week. I had warned my kids not to close the laptop. "Only shut it down. Dont close it!".
Infact, Choden and kids ganged up together and had asked me about the next big operation of our TV. "When are you fixing up the TV, Appa?". "Soon. Very soon!", i promise them. 
Just yesterday, i was amused to find out that they had put on the TV(the sounds is very much there, the picture doesn't come), and listening to a Dzongkha movie! Disheartened at their sorry state, i opened up my laptop and quickly Googled for the sickness in our TV. 
Vertical IC, it is! Eureka!
Few moments later, i seriously explained to Choden that it was very easy to repair a TV. "Looks like the Internal IC is giving all these problems", i told her nonchalantly. "What is an IC?", she asked me looking worried. 
Nothing. Very simple thing. Easy to repair. Simple physics. Some soldering! I bluffed at her.
Honestly, the biggest repair project i had done in my life was some 20 years ago when my WalkMan had broken down. I had mournfully opened up to check what was bothering it. It never worked again. I had lied to my father that the WalkMan was stolen (I was in a boarding school)!

Here i am wondering whether to open up my TV or to take it to the repair shop.
I would let you know what happened in the next scene.
 Surely  :).

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