Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where are we?

Without doubt, most of us are watching updates and it almost confuses us to remember so many names of the candidates joining the political parties. If they failed, they would find comfort in their lofty conviction that they atleast heeded to the Nations' Call while the rest of us mostly cowards being mute spectators.
Of late we have heard many conspiracy theories brewing up. Party A accuses Party B and so on but that is excusable in politics. What is not possible is to cleanse the murky mess that is left by the outgoing party. We were almost made to believe that DPT was the best choice for governance had it not left more ruins. Alas, we start all over again trying to portray our happiness to the world. If you went through the recent NSB's report, it sums up all.  Choden would not believe that one in every eight Bhutanese is poor. According to her, most of people are rich except herself!

Well, we celebrated our Teachers' Day with pomp. The beautiful show that the students put up for us were beyond words. I nearly thought that it was my birthday. What touched me most was one incident that a student from my class did to me. He had a small card that he made himself and wished me happy teachers day. Ofcourse he mis-spelt the word Teacher. I am not surprised for that.His name is Durganath. Slow kid he is! The moment i deal with him, i think of that Darsheel  Taare Zameen Paar. When his class mates, as young as 9 years old finish writing a sentence, he might just have started the first word only. So slow he is. Dyslexia? I once asked his age since he is quite huge to be in class IV.
 He said "Sisteen"! Not able to believe, i asked again. He gave me his child-like smile and said "sisteen". At 16, i had my first girlfriend, i nearly announced to the class.
After the class, i called him so that i can talk to him because he just wont talk in the class. It is like he would lose gold while uttering words. So silent he is!

So you are 16 years old? "Yes sir", he muttered. "Where are you from?", i asked him. He raised his hands reluctantly and gave me the direction of his house. "Oh. Where is it? Any name?". He looked at me as if i was giving him science homework. "So how many family members do you have?" He said 9. He nodded his head when i asked if he was the youngest. I presumed most of his siblings were working in Thimphu: one a driver, 2 sisters working in a hotel.And some more. "Do they send you money?", i asked him. He smiled blankly. I took it to be yes.
I also asked if he studied at home since he rarely can catch up with peers in the class. "Pecha lhab ney trowa yoed ga?", i asked him out of curiosity. He nodded in affirmative.
"I would like to adopt you as my son and make Dasho out of you. OK?", i blurted out of my ambitiousness.
He almost laughed at the suggestion.
I took leave as he walked away to his class.

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