Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello from Norbuling:)

I failed to post last sunday but that was not important. These days only politics is important. It has invaded our normal routine. We talk about it in the staffroom, in the canopy, in the class, in the soccer field, almost everywhere to prove that we are morally normal. If you are not talking about politics and if you are apolitical these days, you are abnormal:).
As a matter of fact, i still do not know which party to vote. Five years ago i would have banked on DPT if i had voted then. But i didn't. Five years hence, i would talk about whom i had voted. Going by the present scenario, it looks much complicated and volatile. The fuse that taps disharmony in politics would blow off any time.
Out of curiosity, i asked Choden about her favorite party. She said she has only favorite colour but no favorite party. She asked mine. I said i have only favorite girlfriend.

      So we had Science Test yesterday. It was a disaster without comparison. In one of the questions, i had put up two stick figures pulling against eachother to depict "Contact force". They wrote 'fighting'. I blamed on their poor visual stimulation. Two students bagged a Sunya each. Out of despair, I chided them to fry and have it over their weekends!  6 passed out of 25 students. Bravo:(
I remembered one Kharkha colleague who is quite a friend to me. He has 25 years of teaching experience under his belt and a  PTC certificate. Wait. In 1985,he had to quit his school after completing class IX(due to relapse from malarial protozoa). He joined the then erstwhile TTC two years later. In early 2000s, he was manning class X students at Sherubling HSS, teaching them mathematics. "I watered the theorems that are there in geometry!",he said. I went O with amazement at his declaration. {"Pani banai deko"}
As we drove, he talked about his early postings. I learnt that he once was the headmaster at Kalikhola School. "Same year, we brought zero pass% in class VIII common exam", he boasted. I went LoL freely.
I have come across lots of people but most of them faded without much ado, but not this man. With critical eye for almost everything, he can talk about any subject under the sun. I was so shocked when he declared that the white Amul cheese that we buy from shops was made from horse milk! Surely, you are kidding Kharkha sir? i managed to say. If Choden knew about that, she would sue those Amul manufacturers.
What i liked in him is his stubborn non-acceptance of anything that other common people readily agree with. He has counter-theorems for all the things that has harmony. He can give full course to a novice about religion and Dalai Lama. He can talk non-stop on Marco Polo,DPT, kublai khan, Obama, BUmthang Mathra, Saddam Hussien, Ayurveda and sutras, notably the Kamma Sutra. He he.
One of the Geography teachers is on maternity leave. This PTC maths teacher surprised me when i knew he was teaching all her geography classes!


  1. You make splendid reading... Always brings a fresh smile... your writings


  2. Thanks Raaj. Appreciate you visiting my post. Warm remembrances.