Saturday, May 25, 2013

Holy Day

So there was a friendly khuru match yesterday to mark the Buddha's parinirvana. Infact i had wanted to abstain from that luxury especially on such a holy day but i also wanted to impress my colleague that i can be a good pick for any traditional tournaments. By noon, we realised we were fighting a losing battle. Lucky that there were not many spectators except for the few elderly people who came out despite the extreme heat. Most of them had their rosary beads being rolled at unwilling speeds to mark the holy day. If i were playing this match in Europe, i would have been charged for first-degree assault with that shiny pair of khuru flying out haphazardly at random targets. But here we understand each other.
Playing Khuru is quite a tasking job. On any given day, i would rather opt to cut the grass than play khuru if it were not for my ego. It makes your arm too painful that you cant even lift it and if you were really cheering up your friends, you are in for sore throat that takes almost a week to cure. But i am a sporty man to complain about these trifles although i am at the wrong side of 30.

Back to Norbuling, Choden is all complaints.To every phonecall that she receives she would narrate about her sorry state."Zaii, it is too hot!". She would go on to explain that nothing was well at her side. She would complain about the sunshine that nearly roasts her, about the ants that intrude in her kitchen, about the moths that flock around the tubelight and so on. Last night, she complained about the frogs that croaked as if they were raging war against humans. I confessed that i hated the frogs this time. Her concept of goodness extends to all the living and non-living creature sorrounding her life. She admitted Norbuling is not good.

At School, summer heat is playing all the talk plus the politics. If you are in the town, it is all about making fashion statements. Personally, the more curves that you can manage to show off, the more trendy it should look until finally we hear of the Emperor who had no clothes! The other day i was in India trying to treat myself to a latest and the most coolest T-shirt available there. The shopkeeper requests me to sit. He pulls down all the T-shirts available in his shop and explains each one of them. "HOw much?", i asked him to ease the business. "Only 350 sir". I allowed mentally to bargain 50 from that cost price. Taking a step further, i asked him if i could buy it for 250. He frowned at my idea. "Last dam sir", he negotiates, "take for 300". I nod my head in disappointment. "Alright, take for 250". He confessed. "@250 IC". I explained that i had only Bhutanese currency. "If BC, 300. IC=250"
I left the shop with disgust. A T-shirt that could barely warrant a week's life should be so costly.

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