Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cold holidays!

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I am slothfully at half the activity that i framed for myself to overcome these cold holidays here. Were it not for the incessant visitors who barged during my intense work hours, i could have finished all that i had planned to achieve. At one time, just as i was trying to type my questions for class v, an aquaintance dropped by to see how i was doing during the breaks. I let him know that i didnt... have anything really interesting to do than just type questions for the students but i wanted him to include me if he thought of any outdoor adventure. He hadnt thought of it either. I said i have two pair of boxing gloves hung in my bedroom and kidded him that i use those old gloves to entertain my guests! He took it seriously! Few minutes laters, he left me alone to feel rather guilty! Ha ha.
Choden complained of my indolence. She ridiculed that i was the laziest of all the species available. "The last time i heard of same accusation was a decade back", i told her as a matter of factly."You know what happened to that old class mate of mine who called me lazy pig?", i blurted out at her. She didnt want to know it. "He had to scurry to the nearby BHU to nurse his bleeding nose!! ", i delcared filmsily. She barged into kitchen to cook. Seriously, i thought i should catch up with some neighbours who are active diurnals. I can see mr.X chopping firewoods or mr.Y washing his car or that old mr.Zaffar taking a walk to maintain his blood-glucose level! I look at my own state. Why me?, I had chooped my firewoods long time back and that would last us two winters without doubt! My car, it is as glittery as the original kohinoor diamond! My health? Hmm..this is the last worry that would occupy me as a potentail threat. Every cell in me is as healthy as natural! Despite, i include lot of leafy vegetables and protien to sustain my basically no worries for me:). Well, i tell you if you go on worrying about things that are half likely to happen even in your dreams, you are in for all the illness that are available in the world. Sometimes i wonder i have incorrigible ulcer but i aint easy to be bugged down by a mere problem of indigestion! Migraine? Oh yes, i get throbbing pains at one side of head regularly. Schizophrenia? Hmm.. may be, but i do get difficult times when i cant distinguish what is real and not real. How about Down's Syndrome? Gee, i was always slow in anything to learn. It could be due to this chromosomal abberation! Arthritis? Well, my bones have always been my achilles' heel. Delicate as a china shop, i cant risk using tension to my bones. I love them much! Scabies?! Darn! Honestly, i had survived numerous bouts of scabies but each time i recovered from it, my skin glowed with doubled luminiosity! Well well well..thou must be suffering from all the ailments listed in Clinical texts! lol. Only thing is not to worry and let life come by or go by till you breathe your last...adios adios!!

That is all i can write this morning,,,good sunday dear teachers!
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