Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exams for my students..

Today board exams started. I was on an invigilation duty for class six students in my school. Before entering the hall, i had sternly warned them not to get involved in any foul practices and had frisked them for the sake of formality. At 9 am, they nervously started writing their answers despite the cold weather.Curiosity got over the better half of me as usual and went through their english paper.
As i flipped over the pages, i saw an essay on Mountain Goat/Goral, taken from Kuzoo Society(special edition, it read). The author(no name), had beautifully written it and after few paragraphs i became aware that the essay was an attempt to describe his favorite animal. I thought of my own favorite animal. The yak? Nope, it makes me too nomadic to patronise yaks. Cattles, huh? Hmm..i like thei...r meat but not them! The dog? Grrr..i never had any good diplomacy with dogs. Despicably dirty they are. The cat? Aww..not cats even. The closest favour i can generously render to cats is call their names-Tengye Zandrey!
How about pig? The pig?? Gotcha! WOw..i like them. I bet it. With due respect to pigs, most of my survival habits resemble with them. Look at them, silky and obese. This is indicative of their owner's bountiful harvest. On a closer look, their eyes resemble much like ours, i mean mine, glowing with steely determination and suspect! Their ears, a pair of sensitive organ, dangles so restlessly and their pulpy snout matches perfectly with the length of their ears. And the pork. Now you are salivating, right? No Bhutanese dish could be complete with out pork, i bet. And mind you, a pig's orgasm lasts just 30 seconds, almost similar to mine. Ha ha ha.
Well, i have another striking favorite- my colour. Blue it is. Not that i watch blue films. Lol. But yes, without doubt, i really fall for blue colours. And if you are more into chemistry, you would get more fascinated by this colour. Sky-blu precipitate, azure blue complexes, deep blue needle like crystals, faint blue tinge, neon blue, royal blue..blah blah. Perhaps, my closet is influenced due to these reasons that most of my jackets/pants/shirts are blue in colour. Blue is indicative of my nature self: dreamy and romantic(? eh). And what is more,(but dont tell others!!) i have got blue balls :) :) :)

(As usual, i have tried to mix bizzare humour. Hope my readers will not accuse me for dirty humour. Please do bear with me..good day teachers.)

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  1. Sir, its an interesting post la. Like the way you put up the humors. Me likes pork, but not pig, lol.
    Ny ways, best wishes for your students la.