Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am back again to my laptop. It was almost two weeks since i last typed a word in here and that was good bodily and mentally too. For a change, i was vacationing in Gelephu as i mentioned earlier. Wow! That is rather flamboyant, right? For a teacher, it looks like an yearly outing. Opportunities are hard to come by but there is no surprise in it.
I tell you, Gelephu is just warm these days. For an alpine dwellers like i and my two other friends who were there for the same reason, it was a treat to walk around the streets of Gelephu town in T-shirts! In Bumthang, you wont dare to bare your fingers. Here we wrap all our skin in best possible wools that are available. If you are seeking for an authentic look at the girls for the curves/bumps/delicate skins/thighs or whatever sexy in them, Bumthang is not a right time at this hour. They got everything in them safely tucked in double layers of jackets! Nothing to see..hehe. Go down south, you are there for wonders.  But,I believe,as an elderly citizen, it is sinful to stare at girls who are almost half my age, dressed as skimpily as possible and swaying their body as rhythmic as waves. Honestly. Nevertheless yes, i consider myself only genuine human species since i exhibit natural temptations to anything that is usual. Do you blame me still?
I saw a petite girl in a bar that we went into to douse our off hours in the town. Dressed in a light jeans and a shirt and probably a sport-bra(!), she was cut out for all that is superlatively beautiful. My eyes would pop out whenever she knelt down to pick something up but i kept reminding myself of the sensible teaching of Lord Buddha--See No Evil! I looked at my friends to see if they saw my nasty look and no way! They got their docile pairs of eyes browsing for similar gold. "There is nothing wai", i shrug them off their fantasy. We laughed out looking at and accusing each other.
Biologically, i hail from Gelephu, not from the town but from Norbuling, an hour walk from that infamous Maukhola. So most of the off hours i was busy ferrying to my old parents and the Gelephu H School. The fury of Maukhola hasnt leaned and the old boat that ferried people is still working,almost precariously. Often, i had to request the boat men to ferry me across the river since i went that way at odd hours, most of the time. I regretted at not having taken my camera but i did force my unwilling friends to experience the boat-trip. And what is more, to cheer them up, i drove them around to India! Now two of them can boast of atleast landing their feet little short of Jagar-Phagpai-Yul. DaadGari isnt that far, try your luck too! He he he.
Gosh, it is 8 and almost time to declare results for the students...byebye. Will come back with more substance next time..Good weekend,teachers!

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