Tuesday, November 29, 2011

God in Me?!

I do not go to the Lhakhangs generally but i believe in religion. I do not pray but i do believe i represent the best of any Buddha nature. You see, that is the audacity in me! The last time i partook religious adventure was some two years ago when i and bunch of my friends went to Bay-langdra. I nearly left my foot impression on a rock that i rested there....lol.
I know it is sensitive issue for ...me and my readers to write on religion in a place where God is everywhere. However, i do not mean in any way to mock at or belittle my own supreme beliefs in religion. My religion and my god is in everything that i do and more so, especially when i go to my quarter during late nights-i get so closely bonded with my supernatural god. Bumthang, as most of you are aware, is one of the global hot spots of unholy creatures whom we call Ghosts. Well, i never met one as of now, thanks to my good luck, i guess. Even if i accidently met so, the least i can do is to request 'them' for a round of Taekwondo, a feat that i can boast of as my only means of self-defense! Nevertheless, i am quite aware this time around, "they" must be hibernating to do away with the extreme cold in Bumthang.....
(...to be continued...)

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