Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011: what was there?!

As 2011 draws to and end, i was tempted to look back at things that affected me the most. Firstly, without doubt, it was the global economy struggles. Honestly, i do not really understand the general trends in markets and its influence to the common people but when things are becoming difficult, i blame it, like any other being, to the disturbing global economy.
Personally, as prices soared and a kilo of onion became more of a burden than basic ingredient in our kitchens, i had to convince my dear wife about the dangers of excessive consumption of onions. Simply, onions increases sexual libido which is far more dangerous in the long run!
As oil prices shot up for the record 7th time(?) this year, i had to painfully restrict family outings, much to the woes of my kids. Everytime i drove my car, i wondered if water-propelled cars could be manufactured for consumers like you and i, it would be fun! How cheap! And ditto to LPG prices. My wife usually opts out of gas stoves during evenings and early mornings since we use our multi-skilled Bukhari - it warms us and heats our oven too! I had to genuinely understand her thriftiness at this time of our generations, so i called quits to gambling to sustain ourselves more blissfully than ever.
Infact there were more tragic deaths all around the world, some of it we wrongfully called victories. We have seen the fall of Osama and Gadhafi. We also saw the tragic deaths of Steve Jobbs(of Apple fame) and M.F. Husain. Just a night before, we heard about Dev Anand, the icon of Indian no more. Closer back at home, my Angayla succumed to her cancer. 2011 was not a kind year, for most of us.
Personally, for me there was more failures to count on this year than achievements. Additional wrinkles on my chubby face, depletion of hair on my head, more creaking bones at my joints,aggravating ulcer in my stomach, and lesser nutritional intakes in my diet than before! Sounds grimly suicidal, huh? lol.
 Come next year, i would boomerang with increased devotion to survive. I intend to avail more loans, just before the supposed Doomsday(2012) and mind you, i might just speed by your side in my new car!
  Ha ha..

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