Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Workshop!

!POHSKROW ON.....This is not even a mantra. If you read it right to left, or sould i say, in my own plain language, it means, no workshop! Well that is quite dull. Boring indeed. There are more than 50 different kinds of workshops excluding the regular Evaluation Camps at Punakha and i dont find niche in any one of them! Not that i didnt try, the last of my call was yesterday, to some Surjay Sir (of DRCD fame). "Sir, any vacancy?". "I am afraid you are late," comes the reply. I was never taught sugar talks, and i dont regret it. I hung up the phone but not without better than best explanation from my side! My side,huh? That sounds vain and dumb. Tactful subordinates would not do that but i am not even near those ethereal sycophants!
 "Sir, how come i wasnt included in that writer's workshop?!", i try to put up my argument with him. Science Writers Workshop, i was talking about. Devil's Workshop indeed! He replies me back, "We can not include all the teachers despite, we need competitive participants". That hits the chord in me and disrupts the geometric harmony that i often boast in my self and woe betide, i thus rant these, almost shout at him: Sir i completed my MSc in 2009, i teach Bio/Che and i have taught science for class 5 and 6 for the last 7years and i can write competitive english!!! Now you think i cant fit in your workshop, huh? Seriously, i have lots of feed backs regarding the textbooks for class 5 and 6!
I finish it in a breath. I would have screamed if he was my father, but well i would still respect strangers, even at the heights of my desolation. I was sweating, literally so. We hung up our cell after another around of good talks. Finally, i had to thank him for the explanation. He said he would try and integrate my profile if there were workshops, in FUTURE! That is cool. I am a typical sheep. A rejection there and a simple assurance here would move my Lacrimal glands to tears!
Well folks, honestly, i complete my 7th year in teaching and not a single workshop! I do thank the ministry for the further studies that i completed in some Indian slums, but that was due to my own subject. And BBE for giving me opportunity to evaluate those chemistry papers.  Those were the service of my subjects, not favours, mind you!
Hmm..here i am, writing in a forum that wont even reach half the people i intend to read. :)
I suggested my old room-mate who works in Education, to join this forum(He works in PPD). "Ah, Teachers Forum ya?". Ong, i told him. "Complain Forum imwong!", he said!.
Sometimes, i seldom regret having taken up this profession. 'Sigh'. 
Given a chance, i would like to take up farming and be far, far away from all those Madding Crowds! But for now, i must teach. That wont put off my flame to teach my dear students, i promise that!

That is all, good day teachers!

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  1. well written mate!!! surely follow rest of ur write ups!

    but hey even I ve left The Teachers Forum, found more of nuisance and it was flooding my inbox!!