Friday, December 30, 2011

Eve, The New Year!

I had half a mind to write before this year draws to another end but the restless scribe(?) in me, that i often fondly nurture, forced me to this spontaneity. I reached to Paro, along with my aging dear mother and father, charting out routes to visit holy places here. A tiring drive it was! We halted at my sister's place since it is Ngyenpa Gu Zom today and visiting a lhakhang today is not a good thing. I wished one of my close friends a very happy Ngyenpa and sent this SMS: May all the species of your type flourish like Harrappan civilisation!
He might have overlooked the subtlety in it since he called back and thanked profusely for the warm wishes!:)
Well, i missed the jingoism about X-mas this year. Not that i celebrate but when more than half the worlds population indulge into festivi...ties, i took it unfairly for being so mute. I tuned on my radio, since TV and Internet is out of bound in my place(Norbuling it is!) and listened to some of the best christmas carols. I reminded Choden about how people in USA must have celebrated!
On a second thought, i prided myself for being able to survive freely in non-digital community. I was mostly involved in doing chores like operating a simple rice huller that the Nepalis there called Dhan-ko-meecine! When it got struck or hardened due to lack of grease at its crease, they would look up for me as if their life came to a standstill. That gave me great energy to think that i can often be useful despite being discarded In MoE! :)
Nevertheless, life is so cool in there. Free from any worldly trauma, they eat three solid square meals, made in Chula-Chaai, take Tongba regularly to boost their energy and listen to old hindi songs played so loudly in their older radios! They tend to their cattles after their works are done,,hmm i liked it much.
Post Christmas was again another sad news about the demise of one of the greatest Rinpoches of our times, HE Dungse Rinpoche. Mother was nearly into tears as i was but life has to move on. It gives us a lesson to think that all is true about the Theory of Impermanence in Buddhism. We are seeing more depletion in great and good Rinpoche, all we can do is pray for their early rebirths to guide lesser mortals like us, isnt it?
And today, as i said, it is meeting of Nine Evils, in Buddhist calender, i took it more as a festive feat than defeat. Today also is the eve, the new year is all onto us now, according to christian calender. I am more older and wiser(he he) than few years back and it always imbue me with uncanny feeling to begin new years. how i wish not to grow old!
And hello there, we are more closer to some Dooms Day, according to Mayan Calender!!You sure must hit to a new Disco theque and shake all your bones. Infact if you need any extra bones in your system, do let me know!! He he.
But before that, let me complete visiting Taksang one more time!! LOL.
Happy New Years, dear Teachers. May good health and KenchoSum be always by your side and especially, to my dear readers, may we survive on this futility for long time to come. Cheers!!!

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