Friday, December 16, 2011

National Day

Today, i woke up earlier than usual since it is our National Day, 104th year. I wanted to furl our national flag by the side of my bedroom window but we didnt have a flag. I asked my son if he had a Scout scarf. He has, but he had misplaced it since school is over! To hoist a flagless pole would be more catastrophic than showing off my curious patriotism. Blessed i am, to have my glorous birth, here in this country. There wasnt even a sign when i was borned but that doesnt matter! :). I am a proud Drukpa, as rustic and as poor as most of you are, but still a proud Drup. Pelden Drukpa, Gyelo!!
 I am afraid this could be the last of my post for 2011. I have vainly tried to boast things around me, sometimes even at the sake of hurting people's sentiments. But those were all comparatives, not absolutes.
Well, this winter, i tell you, it is a blessing in disguise! No works for me but heck, i aint No-Work-Jack! I am planning to embark my lifelong desire: Pilgrimage!! I am going Neykor, teachers! NEYKOR!!
Dorjidhen? No. Tsho Pema? No. Tibet? Hmm, chinese might throw me into some old dungeons! Nepal? Not really! I have my refugee brothers in there, they might want me to lead a new democratic party. oh crap.:)
 "Mashey gatey joney inna ya!", i remember myself whispering to my wife when she asked me about my destination! LorD Gautama, didnt know his location too!:)
I suggested an old female friend about Phuntsholing for Ngagyur Kama Wang being precided over by HE Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche. "I got a tent that could easily accomodate two Sumo wrestlers", i chipped in. "You take some cash!".She would not listen to the suggestion.

Oh, folks, i gotta get going but not here! Good day, friends! Cheers.

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