Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hectic Week..

The past week so hectic that i couldn't update my blog, much to my own regret. We did celebrate the teachers day with style. The students have put up lots of activities to mark the celebration along with numerous speeches that nearly brought tears in us. As a matter of fact, one interesting game that they have come up was : Character Picking. I picked up my lucky character from the can and it was an Ant! Aww. Act like ant ant?? That would be the last relation that i could ever imagine to equate myself! Seriously, i would love to represent legends. But ants? Holy shit!!:) What characters are exhibited by ants? Nothing, i tell you. Except that it might bite you at your butt or make some tunnels in your dirty kitchens! A striking antithesis. I can't bite. No doubt. Moreover, i am a clean-freak!! I follow disciplined life of regular patterns unlike those foul creeping creatures making their lives out of their barbaric colonies or whatever they call it.:)
 So,I really wanted to flee from the crowd than to act like an ant. And surprisingly, i was the first one to act according to "Lucky Dip". Not a good day for me. I failed miserably in that game but truth be told, whenever did i ever shine?! Well there are times when i would carry out myself with exotic aura but those are exceedingly rare occasions.
Soon after teachers day, we had another local tshechu(Domkhar Tshechu) and school remained closed for another 2 days. We met again by Thursday only to be hit by another important visit by Ashi Tshering Pem and her entourage. The Youth Association in my school had done wonderful jobs for the last few months under her patron. They had even adopted a near by village and passionately named it as GNH village. I havent been there but it seems like a new village now with beautiful girls weaving Yathra in huts built by the Youth. I might leave my GNH bastard if i chance to wrongly make my visit there! Seriously, some 40 plus youth rendered voluntary services on a weekly basis for months. And no wonder, you call your work GNH, it hits national headlines!
Well, Youth Association in Bhutan does very commendable job atleast in my school. I have seen Scouts much into hyperactivity once. It has become dormant now. After that, Tarayana club once bloomed into prosperity,it is undergoing a natural death these days. While, Nature clubs patronised by RSPN, has taken back stage after financial crises vis a vis UNESCO clubs, still nursing some budget crisis in the headquater  in Thimphu. Any activity, be it small or big, takes centre stage if it is being flushed with big budgets which is what is happening with the Youth Association these days.
After that visit, it was School rimdro yesterday. The Tang Rinpoche as usual graced the occasions with a "TsheWang" at the end of the day. The principal declared holiday today since we had been busy yesterday. A few minutes later, i and choden would be in our vegetable garden mending our fences and praying hard for our vegetables to grow up smartly before the government bans vegetable import!

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