Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday Ramblings..

Yesterday, we had a friendly match of soccer Vs team from neighbouring community. Everyone was friendly except i was not. For i have never had amiable relation with football. Infact i seldom played games in the bygone days of my robust youth. And now, at this age, playing sports is too tough. So, there i was playing soccer as a left winger! Fully armed. Football is one game where you need to be terribly guarded against injuries. I borrowed a pair of Nike boots from one of the students(i wouldnt buy a new pair of boots for a single match). One of my team-mates had extra shin-guard to spare, i borrowed that too. Socks? Hmm..i wore my old wornout half socks since boots are always alarmingly stinky. Likewise, i wore the old yellow jersey that Choden had from one of her early days.(She played for RSTA, Thimphu, 2004). You could have laughed at me for the sense of my soccer dress but that doesnt matter now. As a matter of fact, we scored 3 goals. Not bad huh?:)  And we conceded four goals. We paid our bets and i returned all the equipments that i borrowed before the match.
"Who won?", choden had asked me when i reached home almost dragging my injured feet. So i put up my 70 mm smile and replied her, "Who do you guess?". "But only one goal from me", i lied to her!
 Well, the other day as i watched the TV, i was drawn to a new row over some NCERT textbooks in India. The touchy MPs had booed Mr.Kapil Sibal(HRD minister?) while he made his apology. In the news later on, one of the cartoon enthusiasts defended that there was nothing alarming in that cartoon(Ambedkar-Nehru cartoon ). I remember how he finally blasted his anger: You sould first learn to laugh at yourself than at those cartoons!(The MPs).
We are talking about Freedom of Expression? I guess we have lots of fundamental freedom entitlements in this free world. Closer at hand, i have seen media personnel meeting over time and again to ensure that they use all available ethics in journalism while reporting a news. Honestly, one can hardly find reporters without pre-conceived prejudices. I tell you, the more passionately the reporter follows a certain news, the more prejudiced he becomes. There is no such thing like crystal-clear reporter, atleast in our place. One can not simply treat a news/events like it was a guinea pig. There is always the "other side" of a news. A fine reporter treads the middle-path. That aint news anyways. The moment he tries to delve into details, he uses his prejudices, consciously or subconsciously. And that we call one-sided news?! It is a tough thing to be a journalist.

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