Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yet another hike?

"I do not become poor because the petrol price increased," i boastfully theorised to the friends."Similarly, never did i become rich because there was an increase in my monthly salary". I wouldn't budge an inch to follow my friends to refuel on the eve of the petrol hike. Thus, i charted out a rough draft to advertise my old car in B-bay. I have long yearned to participate actively in B-bay but there was nothing in my entire storage cabinet to advertise. As usual, i discussed with Choden about my plan only to be rejected at point-blank range.
So i facetiously consoled myself with the thought that all things are temporary even if it was a hike in petrol.It would be unfair if i didnt employ my Buddhist reasons to confront to a cause. Just the other day, Khenpo Phuntsho Tashi had us lectured on "Compassion and Mindfulness" as a part of his official visit to our school. Since then, there was no looking back! I surely have to advance my life with wholesome reasons. I remember what he preached us: Happiness comes from making others happy. Nothing new in it. Well, all religion talks about same thing: Be good, help others, dont kill, give donations!
 By and by, it was good being his audience. Lamas and Khenpos make us realise how futile our life is while most of us live being blinded by our desires, atleast temporarily. For a day, we listen to their talks, get their blessings and take vows. The next day we are back to square one.
Hmm..what next? As you are aware the mid-term exams for our students is nearing, i have been bit busy rummaging old files and looking for past question papers and at the same time trying to cover the syllabus.
In one of the chemistry classes, i took them to the lab. I showed them few bases, acids and salts. At the end of the class, i asked the formula of sodium hydroxide(a base) to one of the students. He said, "SoOH". Cool. HOnestly, learning chemistry is no fun. A boring subject it is. Usually, when i get bored, i enter into the lab and heat ironsulfide with dilute sulphuric acid. Few minutes later, the whole school campus is filled with a foul smell of rotten egg. I get cheered up at the sight of teachers and students passing by my lab with thier noses tucked in their curved palms. "Phaaaa, gachi ghi drim inna?".
But the lab has run out of stock now. It has been a year since we put up our last requisition for chemicals but the office of DEO could never furnish it despite our repeated reminders. So most of the times, i take my students in the lab and make them sniff things. Chloroform, Ammonia, Xylene, H2S, yeast etc.:)


  1. Yes.. the ever rising fuel price which is not in proportion to the pay rise is a matter of concern. In the name of going green I might even have to advertise my car.
    I hope you discover a compound in your chemistry lab which is far more energy efficient than fossil fuels... :)Anyways, it was nice reading. I have also added my take on the rupee crunch in


  2. thanks for that karma. I did read your last post and it was nicely done. Do keep going.:). warm wishes.