Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sports Day

So i was the Starter yesterday in our Annual Sports Day. "On your mark!", pause. "Get set", pause.  Then i clamped the wooden plank with all my might to produce a loud bang! I let out a sigh of relief.
 "A good take-off", i told to myself. No complaints. It is no small job to start Sprints especially.
"Next, Senior girls!", i called out loudly. I line them in such a way that not a single athlete crosses the
Start-line. Not even their shadows. I haven't let the Senior boys, so i won't with the girls too. Afterall, i believe in being transparent with my rules.
"If you mis-start, you get Yellow card!", i warned them."You mis-fire twice, you are disqualified". This is the only authority that i can solemnly exercise as a Starter. So i yell again,"On you mark,....". I could feel my throat going dry, so i ask for another Litchi juice. Next: Junior Boys. I shouted again: On your mark...
Another juice.
 Next. I was getting bored by then. Yelling the same mantra, making the loud sound with the wooden starter was no fun except that i could ask for the free Litchi juices for every start i made. I felt i could execute higher levels of my infinite skills to cheer myself than repeat those same lines. I called out the participants for 200m race. I was a working official on the ground and i needed to be healthy. Another juice, please? A boy runs and gets it to me.:)
Well, at 33, i tell you i am sporty, atleast in the bedroom. Seriously, i bagged the last of my medals while i was pursuing my MSc in some Indian slums. No offence though. I and my good friend, Rinchen, paired up to beat some hyderbadi blackies in Table Tennis! Infact we never knew the University's Sports Meet except when the Chemistry Department played cricket. A year later, when the Anuual magazine was distributed, we were amused to find out that our department had bagged "winners' in cricket match. They had printed our names too which sounded only more humorous to both of us. Choden doesn't still believe it was my name in that magazine.
Hmm...i would like to tell some stories we had while we studied in that huge government university but for now, i must wind up. Good day ahead, dear readers!:) 


  1. That was a nice read. The role of a starter looks demanding with the sun baking and dusting you (guessing the day to be sunny). Had it not been for the free litchi juices, your transparency and cool temperament would have been long lost:)I am not even good as a spectator.
    Teachers imparting wholesome education, I am proud of you guys. Keep going!

  2. Hey Karma, thank you for your well meaning comments. Now you get me how smartly i was executing my powers?:)
    Warm wishes and remembrances. TC.