Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Last Match

I couldn't post anything during the last sunday as i was busy with domestic chores. Despite, Choden had gone to some place as a part of her vacation package that i usually earmark every passing month. Who said house-wives dont go on leave??:)
So we had our last game of soccer yesterday. I had desperately wanted to score but i never could. Honestly, there was only one player in our team who actually had played soccer earlier, the rest and i, were all same: had never played professional football earlier. Now you can imagine why we lost every single match in the League-Round and got relegated before we could enter into Knock-Out round. I hung up my boots and the no.11 Barcelona jersey after the match. I intend to play next year too:). At one time, Choden had told me to be careful while playing. Football can be dangerous, she had warned me. Indeed, it is but i can as you can see always extra-careful. MOreover, i play only half match so that i dont get cramps in the night!
Hmm, the Olympics ended right? I have been closely following Indians trying hard to win medals. I was also glad that USA could beat China in their medal tally.( remember the chinese got more gold medals than the americans in 2008?).
I was thrilled by Phelps bagging medals(22?) in the Olympics and i surely believe his record wouldn't be broken for 100 years or so. Good that he bid adieu before losing his fame. On the other side,  the stylish Bolt is still the fastest human on earth as of now.
Back in India, the winners got heroic welcome or else they would make coy claims that they weren't treated nicely. One even threatened to resign from army if he wasn't promoted after his silver medal haul in London. Cool. I would have asked for Ministerial berth if i won medal in the Olympics but that is a dream. Lyonpo Thakur would have hated the ambitious teacher in me!(Fingers crossed that he wudn't hold that post in the next election. He he)
We have now Zero Tolerance back to our scheme. I am still not convinced if we can ever win from this policy but time will tell, i believe. Some Educationists around the globe have felt that we are moving backwards with this policy while we still welcome the idea. I do not want to debate on this but well i do threaten my students now:)
We can create rooms to expel naughty students from the school. We are defeating the very purpose of  the Schools, the seat of education.
Heck, it is already 8.05am. Assembly time. Catch you later. Good day friends.:)


  1. Thanks Sonam. Hope you are having great time there. Warm remembrances.:)