Saturday, August 18, 2012

Things to see..

Few days back i tried to upload few photos, so i was going through my documents and found out this picture:)

Way to grow!(This carrot is  from Choden's garden. I did upload this in the FB and few of my close friends thought that this carrot was too bold!)
So,i said Choden was on casual leave for almost a week and that left me with so many things to try out. Not all of them turned out to be successful but some were worth trying.
Here are few of them:
Broccoli ready to be steamed
Steamed broccoli loses less nutrients than the boiled ones, according to the health sources. Dawa hates it while Sera thinks steamed broccoli are still raw ones!

One of the favorites of my kids. My kids say there is no curry without potato.:)

At a friend's get-together.
Gongdo shamu.
Infact, Bumthang can be the best place in Bhutan to the mushroom lovers. Here are few other types that i kidnapped from my Principal camera!:)
Copyright@SonamGyelstshen,Principal, ChumeyMSS

Well, i wanted to write about few of these photos but i guess it is going to become quite lengthy.
Good day ahead:)

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