Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Monsoon Tournament

The celebrated Monsoon Football Tournament started in my school few days ago. There are a record of 17 teams vying for the Rolling Trophy this year. Unlike last year, i got offers this year:).
Few teams did ask if i would be "available" for their banners. I had to kindly reject most of them before signing the contract with the "11 Spartans". Names have it. In this team, we have all types of players who would play football of free genres!
I have devoted more than a decade of my life watching others play football. If it ain't this time, it is never. This is the right time for me to shine before welcoming my mid-life crisis and fall into traumatic depression. Despite, my bones have been idle for  more than a year without any hard work. This session of football would test them and if need be, trigger them to be productive bones.
So I borrowed the football boots from a neighbour who wouldn't be playing. Come this Tuesday, i would be playing my first professional match with jersey # 11. In all likelihood, we are sure that we would win inspite of shortage of seeded players in our team. I have always forcefully included myself into that category in whatever discipline of games and sports except mercy, chess.  These days it is tough to become famous if you don't celebrate yourself. Lol.
Well, talking of chess, i told you since last year, chess is a lazy game for intelligent brains. I would prefer intelligent game with lazy brain. In chess, one would take hours to call it check-mate. But, i tell you, i cor-ordinate the chess players in my school since we have Dzongkhag Sports Meet a week later. Now you can imagine how coolly i can play a game of chess. Infact i have administered Chess competition at Dzongkhag level for 3 consecutive years! And again, no hard and fast rules. Afterall, moves come freely. So i let the participants play without any norms. He he. A year ago, one of the participating students from Jakar HSS had earnestly asked me if i could "brief" them  about the rules in chess. I have told them that all rules were like last years'. No new rules!
Few enthusiasts from my School wanted to learn tricks to play better game of chess. There are no shortcuts, i have wailed at them. Practice maketh a man perfect! I let them play freely till they are exhausted.
Coming back to football, it is quite easy. Our team manager(Principal sir) had repeatedly asked us to come for the practice while we have tried to shirk from it. At one time, i have chided with him that i need no practice at this age. I might need to practice parenting but not football. He he.
To tell you frankly, we are 11 teacher colleagues and most of us are off-age for youthful football. And most of us were veteran bench-warmers!
(I would try to give you pictures of the team in the next post.) This is all i have for today:)


  1. Its long time now, you need to buy a pair of football shoes..last time you borrowed from students, and now neighbours..having a pair keeps 'big mouths' away...Have a fair play..

  2. Sonam Sir,

    all the best.

    your essay reminded me of my footballing days in Paro. Yes, as you have mentioned, I also used to celebrate myself....and i tell you it gave me lot of confidence. I cant remember the year but It was a game where Bumthangpas in paro with hired Bumthap players from Thimphu played against an army team in airport. with game at stalemate, I nearly had a fight with ref when i found him being bias with his decisions. It was quite a game even though we didn't have ref after that moment.

    Those days, I hardly knew how to drop the ball but, I considered my self nothing less than a player who has the potential being a "strike" force. But sadly many a time, I was made to play as goal keeper....slowly but painfully, i got promoted to defense....I have many painful experience playing as defense.....

    Later that thing was to change, It was in Changjiji ground where we outplayed, combined team of RCSC and DRC of Thimphu. i scored the opening goal for our team! and my other friend, who had the same painful history, scored the winning goal!....with that game, I finally saw myself being promoted in the forward (That was more of a self promotion though) LOL.....

    and the last time I played football was in june,2012 (I was on my summer break) I played a warm-up game siding Customs and Immigration team. (and those days, I used to be the team captain and manager myself) I had my boot Which I bought it for more than thousand bugs for the match. I think we lost the game, but I did my part, - I scored one goal playing in the wing position....and i thought I was included in the team for the real match.......but sadly not.... my successor wasn't impressed with my performance..... I was not even included in the bench warmers list...... :( It was bitter moment for me.

    But nevertheless, I am working hard here in India now, I want to keep myself fit and strong so that i can perform better next time. Me and my friend already bought skipping rope and I am making full use of it. .......

    anyways, all the best for your upcoming match on Tuesday... and Ya buy one boot......I think it will give u an additional reason to celebrate yourslef.....


  3. Thank you Doc Tamang, i would get my boot from the store!
    For PSN,as i read your article, i got convinced that you play fine football. I wish you were here at these time and open up a goal for my team. We need fatal strikers.:)
    Thanks SOnam for reading this piece.