Saturday, March 3, 2012

The New Session.

The new Dragon year commenced with tempestuous start. Although it snowed beautifully in my place, the stormy rains at lower altitudes was much unexpected. A good snowfall signify a bountiful harvest later but as you  might have heard by now, all seems not well according to the Bhutanese astrologers. I have already booked a date with Ap Tshampa to perform a small ritual in order to ward off any offences from astrology. Honestly, i do not believe much in theoritical sayings but when it comes to yourself, it is like "what if i do get sick?". If you go by astrology, your future is as bleak as any cancerous patients even if you were as healthy as an Italian stallion!
Well,things have started peeling off at its natural speed in my school now. I got promoted to Exam Secretary this year.:) I am only keeping my fingers crossed that the conduct of examinations goes well which is like hoping against hope. I just introduced my lessons in the classes that i am supposed to teach. Nothing new. I give them same introduction every year."Comparing to last year, this year we have more promising students", i tell them hiding all my nonsense and i have been repeating those praises every year!Lol.
I volunteered a new club this year: Nature Club. Not that i am too keen into nature but because one of my freinds suggested my name in my absence.
Motto of the club: Nurture nature, nature nurtures!
Activities:1. To maintain flower gardens around the school campus. 2. To create a botanical garden in a specific area. 3. To plant saplings 4. To make GREEN school.(i do not know it myself!).
Sure enough, students thought it was more of work than fun in Nature club. Three students turned up to get themselves enrolled in Nature club. I asked them if they were really interested. At the back of my mind, i have included some fieldtrips to some hilltops and river banks to study and explore natural habitats which i tactfully left out to advertise so as to minimise the number of students. It is hard to manage a club when you get more members. If you really do not want to get yourself burdened with club activities, just make your action plans dull. Few students would turn up at you! Yahoo!....hmmm this is all for today.

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