Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silly wits!!

I went to an ATM today and withdrew the last of my few thousands to contain our daily necessities while the financial institutions around the nation were busy taking measures to "rein in Indian rupee spending". As wont to, Choden had asked me if that meant problem for us."I dont know", i replied as a matter of fact. There is nothing as much volatile than market instability but personally, i have triumphed over all of them. Not that we are rich but because we have limited wants. And also,limited means. It is easy: when i go to the shop that we get our credits, i pay them half the money that we owed in the last month. I take double the worth of my paid cash and level the credit at the same point! They say it is "Rolling"! Despite in a small community like ours, business works much on personal trust than on monthly salary.:)
However,we have one of the best policies at hand: the GNH! With its 9 domains and 72 indicators, as rich as the Epic of Kesar(i presume it has 72 volumes?) , i am still nervous. I have always been paranoid visiting an ATM. "What if the pay didnt get updated in my account?". So whenever i enter into that ATM chamber, i broaden my shoulder, and keep as small distance as possible to avoid others seeing my balance. Afterall, it is too risky.
Perhaps, most of us are poor. But again, you are as poor as your spiritual deficits! Most of the times, i consider myself rich in thoughts and wholesome in actions. I bet by the law of GNH, monks and nuns would be the most happiest people for they crave for nothing but spiritual awakening. I was surprised when Nima(the elder of the twins), hinted at the need of a Mobile at such a premature age. "You are in a Dratshang, why do you need mobile?", i countered him unwillingly. "All others have it!", he blurted out."Despite, i need to talk to Mom, and Dawa and Cera sometimes". Yeah, i got it. He wouldnt mention that he misses talking to me during his monk days! "Not this time!", i announce it. He sulked for a whole day! So when he parted with us to his monastic school to some 300 km from here(Chargarey, Samtse it is!), few days ago, i suggested Choden to pack our small family album for him. "Whenever you miss us, go through the album", i advised him saintly!
At the back of my mind, i have always regretted Nima going to a Dratshang at 10 years old but it was his Grandma's idea. Life is hard for him too as is for me. But that is a different story.


  1. Sir, I am but left amused and thoroughly entertained by your "sillywits". keep us posted with ur wonderful wits....

  2. Thank you deepaksotmus for your well meaning words. I treasure every feedback..:)