Saturday, March 17, 2012

Solving problems..

Despite all the ensuing commotions about the "crunch", it snowed quite a lot in Bumthang."This is a sign for good harvest", i have told Choden saintly. Atleast, the seeds that we lovingly sowed in our garden to supplement our diet look promising than the bleak rupee crunch. Simply put in my own terms, this is a time to go more into farming than shopping! We have small realisation how self-sufficient we are!
 I called my Mom few days back and i was surprised that they(father and mother) were presently in Gelephu Tsha chu to treat their old bones! Oh, that surely sounds like a good vacation. Holydaying at this time,eh?! That could be the last option to plan when commotions are high in the air! Just as a matter of fact, i asked if she knew about those hypes with Indian rupees. She couldnt understand it. She hadnt seen any needs with Indian currency except during her Neykhor to Dorjidhen."Things look alarming this year", i warned her as a dutiful son. She said not to worry too much about things and told me that this Dragon year, i would bounce back with good health. I checked my pulses around my wrist. Yes, nothing is bad with me except my looks! Lol.
Before i hung up the phone, for formality's sake, i said i would be happy to oblige if she needed anything to send from Bumthang. "Tiru lhammm bey yoed ga?", i had blurted out without even realising how could i spare few 1000 bucks for them when things are tough in my own backyard! "Yoed yoed,". Yes!! That is a good luck for me.:)
It has been ages since i last gave them or sent them money. Honestly, i  have never felt the need since Apa do get his non taxable pension(!) at the end of every month while, every little salary i earn monthly is largely taxed. I guess he understands it!
So this is a time to once again think green. Walk offices instead of drive. Go for green tea. Milk free! Cut down holidays. Reduce gambling. Take bath once a week, wash your clothes once a month! Reduce fried curries, it might worry you laters! Take plenty of Dhal instead of meat.Hold on till New Year discount schemes to buy your clothes. Roll your sleeves and dig your kitchen gardens. Use candles to reduce your electricity bills! He he.
Well that is all for today.


  1. Hey sonam Sir,

    your article brought me the biggest smile on my face.....

    I think we need people like you who can really make things lively at this gloomy hours....

    I really appreciate the mirth in you. All the best. Bring more such articles......

  2. Thank you PSN! I cherish your comments..warm wishes.

  3. captivating....eagerly waiting for more

    1. Thank you too Tshering Dema. Hope all is well at your side..warm remembrances..:)