Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sitting Gracefully!

Yesterday,as usual, after the second period, it was the Driglam Namzha session. I lead a group of boys from two sections(Eigth standard).  As a brief recapitulation of our last session, i asked all of them to turn around and show how they wore Ghos. Well, i have consciously chosen a place near the wall so that i dont have to turn around and show them how they should wear their ghos by showing my sample! Choden does all the magic with my Gho while i just need to maintain my optimum shape around my buttock. Ha ha.
"Good", i announce them loudly. "Today we are going to learn how to sit!".
Ahem, sitting a Bhutanese way is tricky. Risky too. With Ghos as high as knee length, it is all about delicate tactics to sit gracefully without having to flaunt one's faded halfpants/boxers. Imagine how passionately our forefathers carried out this simple art of sitting while they had nothing underneath except their Ghos that rose way above thier shapeless knees! A trifle mistake could risk you an embarrassing moment of accidently showing off your male organ! Hats off! lol.
"It is easy to sit in our tradition", i tell my students boastfully. I nervously ask them to observe at they way i sit.  "This is a time to be careful, boy", i tell myself. I utter my mantra.(I got mantras for trauma management!).
 By that time,few girls and lady teachers had curiously gathered near our team to observe my demonstration. I might melt anytime now, i thought to myself. But you know, i am a tough teacher! I march dandily right in the centre of semi-circle that the students had formed and nothing but SIT!
I let it go so natural...walk, walk, walk,,, right feet crosses the left, my right hand presses the Gho at the junction of my two thighs, forms a merciful blockade and sit down! "Did you see anything??", i ask them. Peels of laughter. By then,Ladies turned around and minded thier own business.:). I bow down to my team's claps. "Now it is your turn to demonstrate it one by one", i announce them. We complete the session after an hour or so but with much satisfaction.
Coming up next on Driglam Namzha is how to eat in our tradition. Not a easy thing! But that is next saturday.(Folks,I would try to update it here).
Well, that is why we are Drukpas. We have unique ways for everything. The way we dress, the hats we wear, the way we talk, think , do .....
Seriously, if you got an opportunity to wear your Gho and walk around NY city, the Americans might alert their intelligence services for a possible tribal ambush against Mr. President! he he he.

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