Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time to dig gardens not noses!

To warm ourselves from the menancing cold of Bumthang, Choden suggested gardening. I am much into outdoor activities but not this. I wanted to shirk but as a responsible human, i thought it is embarrassing to send my wife and children to dig the garden while i remained indoors. So there we were: four of us fully armed not with ammunitions but with agricultural tools to dig our garden. Half the size of the basketball court, i bet the best vegetables that we can harvest from it is some Peas that might have interested Gregor Mendel who first started genetics through garden peas! Nothing much grows in Bumthang even if you gave the best of organic farming techniques except for potatoes.Personally, my taste buds ve never been in good terms with this solanaceae but my kids love it. They wont eat a meal without potato curry! No wonder, the better half of it(Sweet Potato) has been ranked numero uno in nutrition by some nutritionists in America. That doesnt tempt me either. I am more into pork as i told you earlier:). On a cold day like this, if you had a plate of Sikkam rice, i bet that is the best orgasmic climax in your mouth.Lol.
With potatoes, the exquisite dish that can ever come out is Alu Dum which might stick to all your finner palates like some outdated painkillers. Kewa Datsi might come next. Shakam kewa? Whatever you mix your potato with, it does some justice.
So, i utter some old traditional mantra as i sow potatoes in my garden. My kids look at me amused. I remember how my mother stored food grains for the first time after the harvests. As she poured the grains into the big wooden container, she said something that is not even audible.I realised much later that those are nothings but a simple thankful wishes! Truly, in our tradition, we have prayers or rituals for everything. We have signs all around us. We cant construct on inauspicious days, we cant travel during certain dates in our calender, we cant cut hair or clip our nails randomly, we cant erect prayer flags as we like it, we cant eat meat during holy days blah blah...well this time around it is not even wise to indulge into unholy acts like sexual intercourse!:).  Be careful now. He he.


  1. Hey Sonam Sir,

    It was really nice coming across your blog.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all your posts. keep going.

    I am happy and surprised that you read my blog......

    all the best....

    1. Thank you is all i can say!:) I do appreciate that you often drop by my blog. Do write regularly..cheers!

  2. oi write something about your college days.
    I envy your writing skill.
    keep writing....
    hats off to you!

  3. Thank you sonam. I do wish to write about "Your" college days:)