Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post Teachers' Day celebration in my school, i felt too lethargic as if whole of my corpuscles have aged beyond repair! The Osama's corpse did just fitting conclusion yesterday. Around the world, leaders have finally sighed with relief while most of Osama's pupils must have had hard time swallowing up their daily bread after his parinirvana(??)..Wow..
I liked the fact that he is no longer and also... the fact that he was around Pakistan. It was India's turn after the news to make up more news...11 years for the No.1
most-wanted person in FBI ! Oh that mushy Musharraf surely had some hints abt that but no wonder that happens in Pakistan! The moment Benizir Bhutto was hit with a fatal bullet..it was the General Musharraf shedding crocodile tears. He must have sighed 100 many reliefs after her death too!!
well, Osama wud fetch the most prized-death of the century if there ever was one. I tell you teachers, he got a princely after-death,, Americans claim that he got genuine sea-burial after proper Islamic funeral rites but that aint too important now. His head wud have fetched millions of $s if u took it with you at The White House Table! Obama wud have treated you with most subtle Cavier over a glass of champagne with whole of his cross-breds singing along with you.

Hmm..friends this is nosey ol'e me all over again the common forum.(wishes for a personal blog!).
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